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Today we are going to learn how to use instant communication software called Skype. [skype] Teachers and students can use Skype for many different things, you can use Skype to be able to collaborate with other classrooms, you can also use Skype for proj... for finishing some projects in the classroom or what also assumes outside the classroom maybe another teacher down the hallway, you may want to come up with different projects that they could be able to do together also presentations that can use Skype to present, they can present to their parents their parents may not be able to come to an event. So they can use Skype to be able to present. Also recording to be able to record themselves and the teacher may be out for a day, so she can use Skype to be able to relate to the other students or she may even be able to use Skype use a recording from home or also interviews to students and teachers can use it to interview each other or interview people outside the classrooms and be able to bring the material back to class. [Google] In order to use Skype the first thing that you need to do is to create an account. So you'll just go to your browser and type in the Skype website, we're going to go [Google] and so this will pop up when you're getting ready to use it. So if you look down here it kind of tells you different things about the website it tells you all the features that you can use perhaps you can have for Skype, you can use phone calls, group video calls, have different instant messaging, call phone numbers and you can also do screen sharing. So you can take the tour and have all types of different things that you can use and look at in order to figure out how to use the website. So the first thing that you have to do in order to be able to use Skype, you have to sign in. If you don't have an account you click the sign in button here, you go down where it says new to Skype and you sign up. [Skype keep the world talking, for free] And we're going to sign up and so right now then all you'll do is you can just put your phone number and you can create a password but instead I'm using my phone number I'm going to use my email address instead. [Create account] So here you'll type in your email address. So I'm going to type that in, okay and then I'll type in a password and then it's going to notify me and then I'll click Next and then I'll just put my name. I'm just going to put my first name as John and my last name as Doe. So you'll just put your correct information here then click Next and then they need to find out more information about you, you'll click on click your region or your country then you'll select your birthday. I'm just going to put January 1 and I will just say year 1990. And then you will click next and they're going to email me a code. So what you're going to do is you're going to go click, add up code. So this is the email that you'll receive from Skype and they're going to give you a code. So the code is 4689 so I'm going to come over here and I'm going to type in 4689 and I'm going to click Next and let's see what happens. So I'm going to click Never and now we're signing in to Skype and then it wants to know if you want to allow notifications or not, so you can click Block or Allow. I'm going to click Block. And so here it is, Welcome to Skype. So you can send messages, you can make Skype calls and you can make video calls. So let’s get started. Okay now that we have our Skype account created, we can search Skype, let'st try to find us some friends so that we could Skype. I'm going to search my husband’s Skype account, all right we're going to click on here, and let's see if we can add Avery Thomas to our contact, okay, they have to request the contact and we'll see if he'll send us a request back and so then once you get your couple friends you can call, this is what it looks like when you begin a call. It will come up, but of course we are not having friends right now or you can video call. So those are couple of things that you can do to begin. You can also come over here and you can play different games and play different quizzes with your friends, call if you have friends that you may want to call or you want to talk to. One last thing that I want to show you is that you're able to you can download Skype on all your devices, you can download on your computer, they have Skype from Mac and it shows you all you have to do is click the little download link now download it for you or they have the version for Windows also if you scroll back up they also have it for the mobile device, if you just click the mobile device it shows you how to look on your screen, they have it for Android, iPhone, Blackberry, Windows Phone, Amazon Fire, and the iPod Touch, so you just click it and you'll get you click on it and it'll take you straight to the app. So all you have to do is when you go to the Skype website you can do so come straight up and then you click the device that you're downloading it to. You can also download to your tablet and this also did great for your classroom, if you have many different tablets. I know in my classroom I have several iPads so it'll be a device that we would use more frequently so we will be able to use download Skype on those devices. Or if you used to bring your technology device, devices so it'd also be great for that. You can also Skype for Xbox one and I know a lot of people are switching to the SmartWatch, so this is also another way you can download and you can use it for the Apple watch but well is this one temporal discontinues, it's a corporate Skype on Apple Watch. So they don't use it for this smart watch any more. I hope you've enjoyed learning how to use Skype. I hope that you will be able to use it in your classroom or even for your own personal use. Thank you.

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