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Voice 003

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Thalia: Love it! Chris: Love it! Thalia: Yeah! Chris: Every minute of it. Chris: You're so lost and you don't even know it. Fran: I don't feel safe here. And I want to take my child for the night. And you can get her tomorrow night and spend your own night with her. Chris: (clapping in between words) You are not taking my child anywhere. Fran: I'm her mother. Chris: I don't care what you are. I don't care... Fran: Why not? Chris:...what you are. I don't. Chris: (walks closer) 'Cause I'm going to tell you right now, I told you to stop messing with me. I told you to quit acting like that. Quit being selfish. I asked you. Because you know what, if you would have shown that, and shown that fairness, I'd have always made sure you were taken care of. (unintelligible) Fran: Why not? (unintelligible) You think I don't know you're trying to f***ing record me right now? Fran: I'm not. Chris: Oh really? I'm not stupid like you are. Fran: Why are you calling me that? Chris: Calling you what? Fran: Stupid. Chris: (whispering) 'Cause you are. Fran: No, I'm not. Chris: (whispering) Yes, you are. Chris: You're not going anywhere with my child. Fran: I can. Chris: I can, too. Fran: I am the mother. Chris: I don't care. Fran: I don't feel safe here. Chris: Well then you leave. Fran: And I'm going to take her with me for tonight-Chris: No, you're not!-I am being very reasonable right now. Chris: No, you're not. Fran: Yes, I am. Chris: No, you're not-Fran: Yes, I am-going anywhere with my child. Fran: Why not? Chris: Because I said. Chris: What baby? Thalia: I sorry! Chris: I'm sorry. Chris: (on the phone with mother) Hey. What are you doing? Fran: She's not going back to Carthage. It's unfair. I am being very reasonable. Chris: I'm fixing to bring Thalia to you. Fran: No, you're not. Chris: Yes, I am. Fran: No, you're not! Chris: Because Francesca is trying to walk out the door with my child. Fran: No, I am not-Chris: Yes, you are- I said I want to- Chris: Shut your f***ing mouth right now. Thalia: Music! Chris: She's going to take my child. Chris: And she's not. Chris: I don't know but she's not going anywhere. 'Cause I'm fixing to put Thalia in the car and bring her to you.

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Posted by: francesca52 on Apr 6, 2015

Voice 003

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