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Draft Day (2014)

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(radio show) This is the draft day Browns fans were waiting for. Sonny, I hope you're listening. You run this team, you're the general manager, you can fix... Hey Tom. Hey Sonny. Every year someone comes out of this looking like a donkey. You hear me? Yeah. Good. Because tomorrow I got a feeling it could be you, if you don't make this deal. Let's talk about the draft. I need you to make a splash, Sonny. If you can't do it, than I have to do it. Just to be clear here, you're threatening to fire me, right? You're job is to couch the team I give you. They do it different in Dallas? Yeah, they do. They win. A lot. (Ali) How is it that the ultimate prize in most the most macho sport ever invented, is a piece of jewelry. Can we talk football? We can always talk football. (Sonny) I just want the team that I want, one time. (Ali) You see things other people don't see. Rewind that back to the start of the play. (Ali) It's one of the things I love about you. All that matters, is what you think. Write your own story, Sonny. I want this team's future back. Let's get busy. (tv) Draft day. History in the making. 224 young men are about to become players in the National Football league. Bull Callahagn, he's the sure fire, slam dunk, number one pick. Trade me. I'm gonna do what's best for the team. This is the draft analysis we've all been working on, for the last two months. Just made a trade with the Seahawks. Sonny, that's our future. (Sonny's Mom) You sold a cow for magic beans. How does the entire world already know about this, Mom? Because I just tweeted it. You're on Twitter? You're not? I loved having the number one pick. Well, I hope that you would The Cleveland Browns are now on the clock. It's go time boss. I'm going rouge. Who you gonna take? What's happening? You son of a.... I need 5 minutes, and then you can fire me. I got Tom Michaels on the line. Sonny, are we trading six? I quit, Sonny. Don't quit See what I do from here. You're gonna like this. The football world is in shock., wondering what exactly did Cleveland Browns' Sonny Weaver Jr is cooking up! You're not going to believe what's happening. You make this deal right now, say it with me. An absolute stunner! Okay, screw it. No more offers. No no no no. You're out of your mind. Yeah, I am. Haven't I proved that already?

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