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How to make pull-apart football cupcakes

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♪ chimes [howdini: get yourself a guru] Laurie Gelman: Hey there, I'm Laurie Gelman, and this is my very good friend Liv Hansen from Betty Crocker Kitchens. How are you doing today? Liv Hansen: Good. How are you? LG: Are you ready to rock and roll? LH: I am. LG: Because if you've got football fans in your house, we have got a touchdown for your big game-day party. How about this football cake? But it's kind of a trick play, isn't it? LH: It's not actually a cake. It's made of cupcakes. LG: Unbelievable. Let's get started. LH: Okay. LG: Let's kick off, as they say. LH: So to start, we're going to arrange the cupcakes on the serving platter. And I do 3 rows of 3 cupcakes right next to each other. LG: So that's 9. LH: That's 9. And then you do 2 more on either side. And then 1 to finish it off. LG: Now it looks like a football, kind of. LH: Yep. and now we're going to start to frost it. Now a trick--instead of frosting each individual cupcake, we're actually going to pipe on a bunch of frosting and then spread it out. Okay? LG: Oh. I wondered how you did it. LH: So to fill up a pastry bag--we're using a disposable pastry bag--I like to fold over the edge. That way you don't get your hand all dirty. And open it up. And then you can just scoop in the frosting and sort of push it down like you would push ice cream to fill an ice cream cone. LG: By the looks of it, you're going to need a lot of frosting. LH: You're going to need a lot. While I'm doing that, you can actually start to frost some of the extra cupcakes . LG: Oh, okay. Good. I always love that there's extra cupcakes. That's why you're my friend. You have the extra cupcakes. LH: Okay, so while you're doing that, I'm going to just start to pipe on. LG: I don't think I've ever seen a pastry bag that big-- like with that big a hole or that-- LH: This is called a coupler. And you don't have to use it. You can actually just take the disposable pastry bag and cut a hole in it that's pretty big. LG: Okay. LH: But this makes it a little thicker. And I've actually made a couple of pastry bags so I don't have to keep refilling it, but of course if you just have one pastry bag you can just keep refilling it. LG: How many tubs of frosting do you think you're going to use? LH: I'll probably use about two. LG: Okay. LH: Maybe a little bit more if you're going to frost the extra cupcakes. LH: So I have a lot of frosting on here now, and now I'm just going to start to smooth it out. I'm holding the cupcake in place as I spread it. LG: Oh, that's fast. Wow. LH: Okay, so this is almost smoothed out. LG: Any tips for making it nice and smooth? LH: Um, I would just use the full length of your spatula. This is an offset spatula. It makes it easier to frost cakes, but if you don't have one, you can use a regular plastic spatula or even a butter knife would do it. LG: Okay. LH: You just gotta keep it level and use the full length of it. Just to finish it off, I'm going to do a shell border around the edge, and I've put a star tip inside this pastry--this pastry bag. LG: Oh. Okay. LH: Okay? It'll give it a nice edge. To do this, you just squeeze and hold in place until a sort of mound forms, and then you release the pressure as you pull down. You actually sort of change the angle of the tip. And you just go around the entire edge. LG: You don't take it off? You just keep-- LH: Yeah. Just--you can just do it in one fluid motion for this kind of cake. LG: Oh, that's really beautiful. I mean--that's--I'm sure that that takes a little bit of practice. LH: A little bit. Yeah. But you know what? I have something called a crazy border which I use a lot, and it's great for the novice. You can use the same kind of tip, and you just go around randomly. Okay. So the next step is I'm actually going to do a little stitching on top just like a real football. And I'm going to use some decorating icing that comes in a tube. I'm going to do one long line across and then squeeze some ones across it. LG: Looks very real. LH: So they next thing I'm going to do is I'm going to make it festive and add some color. You can just get some colorful candies and just--you know--randomly put them. LG: My kids can help too, if you trust them not to eat the candies while they're doing it. LH: Definitely. LG: So it doesn't really have to be linear. LH: No, no. I like it random. Yeah. LH: Yeah, we got a lot of orange there. LG: Sorry. LH: That's the only random part I don't like. Mix up the color a little. LG: Okay. Good tip. LH: Okay. LG: We are so ready for game day. We have our gorgeous football cake, thanks to you. LH: And you. LG: It looks fantastic. Oh, and me, yes. The cupcakes. What are these? LH: Extra points. LG: Extra points. Good idea. You're going to find more great recipes and ideas on I'm Laurie Gelman. [howdini] [] ♪ chimes

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How about kicking off your game day celebration with this fun football made of individual cupcakes? Professional baker and author Liv Hansen for the Betty Crocker Kitchens shows how easy it is to score extra points with this treat that’s sure to make everybody smile, no matter who wins the game.

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