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Karen Berg sobre Poder de Escanear o Zohar

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Many of us think often times that when we scan the Zohar, we read the words we don´t understand them. Our eyes go across the letters and yet does that mean that I am doing something? Does it help me? Does it help my family? Why and for what purpose do we this? First of all, I will tell you a little story. During World War II, Rommel called the Desert Fox came to Morocco. And he asks the King of Morocco He says: "I demand your Jews". And the King of Morocco said to him "We don´t have Jews here. All we have are Moroccans". And Rommel who was one of the strengths of the USS one of the strongest of the Forces turned around and walked away. Why? First off, there was always in Morocco a group of people that Saturday night got together, opened up their Zohar created a small meal, and they would sit together and they would just read out loud, they would read to each other or they would try to learn. Most of them came, just to be able to read together, to scan together. And they didn´t truly understand what they were reading but it created the energy, it brought down into that space the energy that would allow a miracle such as what happened in Morocco. When we scan the letters themselves click into our consciousness. Because if we see what is around us ... okay, we would see 5%, 6%. We don't see the Angels around us. We don´t see the energy we create by the words that we make or by what we were thinking at that time. But they are there. How do I know they are there? Because when you go into a supermarket and you take your product and you scan it across the scanner the scanner knows how many were there in the inventory what you bought, when you bought and how much you paid for. Simple scanner. What we go into our brain, the scanner in our brain says "This is energy that needs to be stored for this purpose or for that purpose." And bring in with it every letter because we know the world was created through the letters. Who can believe that a world can be created through a letter? How big is the sperm? How big is the egg to create life? So we understand that via the letters themselves it creates in our minds a space to be able to use and to come back to that energy when we would need it. And that´s the reason that we scan. It doesn't matter .. sure it would be better if we understood what we were reading and if we could learn through that. But even if we don't, we are taking the energy, binding it to our selves, and to use it for our coming good and for the good of others. Thank You!

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