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The Gunpowder Plot- The 5 Conspirators (1)

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These are the Houses of Parliament today, they form the most recognizable government buildings of the world. And this is what they looked like in 1605. Guy Fawkes is the name we associate most closely with the plot. When at about midnight on the 4th of November 1605, a search party discovered him larking in the vaults beneath the House of Lords. He was just hours away from blowing apart the very fabric of the English State. "What´s your name?". Eighteen months of meticulous planning and deception were foiled by the surrest. "What are the names of your accomplishes in this terrible endeavour?" "Of course, this is only the beginning as far as the government to concern, and they know nothing apart from the fact that they caught a stranger standing guard over early a tunnel of gunpowder" "Take him away!" But who is associated? Who is he thick to?. At start, Guy Fawkes isn´t saying anything, indeed, when he is dragged before the sleepy king, on the morning of the 5th November, and the king asks why on earth he should have done such a thing Fawkes says: "I wanted to blow you back to your Scottish mountains... So why did Guy Fawkes want to blow the king back to his Scottish mountains? We are writing a book exploring the religious background of the plot. I´ve looked at this question again and again. But what soon became clear is that , despite his popular association with the plot, the answer is we know Fawkes is not the key to the story" The real leader of the plot was Robert Catesby not Guy Fawkes. Fawkes has got lumbered, lumbered with being burnt on 5th November. I don´t think we can really understand the plot unless we understand Catesby: people adored him and he was one of these men people were following to death. There is a charisma to Catesby, if you like the black glamour to the man. He is a mix of a very devoted catholic man and at the same time a man whose purpose in this particular plot is revenge. There were five caught plotters: Catesby, Fawkes and three others. Thomas Percy, the eldest of the group, soon became a bodyguard at the Royal household. Tom Tresham was Catesby´s cousin and righthand man. And John Wright, he was considered to be the best swordman in England.

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The Gunpowder Plot- The 5 Conspirators (1)

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