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TEDxPatagonia - Fernando Rojas

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Hello, good morning. First of all, thank you very much for this great invitation. For me this is a very special thing to be doing to find and express my passions and to find some insight into the things i'm doing. I started with the question: Who am I There are things I am by my training and there are things I would like to say and I would like to say about who I am: I'm a "gamer" The good thing is that I am one of many others actually one of millions who participate in this great culture of video games. The issue with this is that "we all play, but some more than others" I want to tell you about my particular case. I play a lot with a very popular video game called "World of Warcraft" in which you get to participate in quests with many people There are more than 12 million subscribers worldwide who are participating in all these experiences in the game. And as you can see I'm here with my brother waiting to go to the siege of a castle for you this may be simply a picture from this game for me it is something else, it was actually my vacation and I spent a lot of time on this You might think Hey, get yourself a life! that's the typical "bullying" for gamers everywhere in the world. And the truth is, I did I found love and love takes time, requires space and requires much dedication ... so now we both play this game and have a great time! and we can live happily ever after with these experiences. So when they said to me: Hey get yourself a life!, I say, I have thousands! I have thousands of lives in the games. Let's go back to the frenzy of the gaming experience I want to tell you a little story. At one stage in my life I was with my brother and we both played a lot and my brother says, "you know Fernando ... ...I am so passionate about video games ... ... I now want to create games ... ... Because I want to be the architect of these stories, the author of these experiences" "I want to create" The problem is that my brother did not know much about programming and things that I knew through university and I said no problem I can teach you to use a tool to start making your own games so I taught him and my brother began to create an infinite number of games He began to create art and music, he began to create scripts associated with the games. And in his final year at school He decides to create a game to teach math to children with a role-playing game the game was very entertaining, the children love it and he must present his game to the teacher and the entire class So he presents it and the teacher says "Wait a minute... I do not believe you have created this game because you get bad grades in my class my brother said: 'What do you mean? I made this game here and I can show you how I did it and the teacher replies: You did not create this game, you did not create it What happened? The truth is that it could have been a number of things There is a wide range of options regarding this situation The teacher might have had a bad day ... maybe the teacher not did not sympathize my brother because he had bad grades It could be many things But the truth, watching from the outside It is difficult to see it in anything other than educational terms We readily acknowledge that there are opportunities in math, language, history ... but it is difficult to recognize the opportunities of video games, television, comic and other things We find it difficult to recognize the educational opportunities present in the media This is because we recognize that education is the basis of opportunities I want to invite you to look at a graph of a socioeconomic poll here in Chile The CASEN study This chart has two axes horizontally "years of schooling", ie the years when we are in the education system and the vertical axis is "income" which reflects opportunities. You can see that in fact education is providing opportunities But what happens at these lower levels? the cost for families reaching that number of years of schooling is really high so in practice not all families are eligible to assume that cost then in the end, this leads into a problem of opportunity It is a problem that is latent and present in this scheme Then, at a stage in my life where was researching for a masters degree, I decided to explore ways in which the education system could offer more opportunities for this and following my passions I said "I'll do something disruptive" Why not start making games in schools with all this great culture circulating why not bring this great culture into schools and see what happens The truth is I could easily get a school that would like to participate also two highly motivated teachers We designed lessons, all very good We arrived at the classroom and truth is It was dose of reality that hit me Education is very practical there are many variables that are operating in the classroom that are very difficult to see if one is not there So, either way, For me it was a big shock The good news is that the school teachers supported me and they said "Don't worry, your ideas are good... ... The most important thing is to keep your expectations high" that is the most important thing in education and this is what we did... - and then the children in a school Peñalolén from K-9 courses - began creating video games this is a poor school in which we started to create video games begin to create groups, create scripts ... ... To work together, to collaborate ... to distribute video games, to present them to their peers This was really interesting and then the most beautiful thing of all was that there was a sense of empowerment students feeling part of this project they had the confidence to show the work to their peers and to other schools and say, "Look, I am creating video games, look what fun I am creating" When they feel the project belongs to them passions are unleashed and learning occurs. With all these ideas and experiences I thought I should go further So from a company called Innovacien we begin to debug all these schemes looking for new software looking for new schools, new contexts different regions, different students in which we could offer these experiences creating, creating video games, creating stories creating different experiences associated with technology So we had a wide range of tools and worlds which are created by students After this great journey of something like two years reaching its conclusion Yet it is still difficult to offer these creative spaces when schools are constantly responding to standardized tests they respond with results is very difficult in this structured approach to find space for children to create Which brings us back to the chart of opportunities Wait a minute "human" I do not think that this situation ends here And why not? Very simple I have read your blog and found an article you wrote some weeks ago it says "I have a crazy idea and because I have not been invited to TED ... ... I hope this is a good place to explain it " This is your chance! Don't be a coward "human" I think you still have something to say (haha) Thanks,good bye. Thanks Yes, I have something to say and the truth is I have an idea We want to create more opportunities in education and we have the system with schools ready to go I invite you all to seek a transformation to make these schools once again real centers of creative expression where students can create and can pursue their passions to change the paradigm change the paradigm of wanting to be someone else they all want to be engineers, lawyers, architects and other professions why not start saying: I want to be myself! in this way to find my passions, things I enjoy doing and that help me grow I invite you to change this paradigm in education and more specifically Why not start making games in schools? Games are easily linked to other areas of knowledge You can create music, art, storytelling, programming, a variety of topics. And besides, it is increasingly easy to create video games and it is becoming easier to distribute video games. So with all these things up and running ... the spaces for creativity and self expression appear in schools. And so, to tell all these students with no chance to drop them into gaming experience where they can say Now we have opportunities! It would be nice to say students who are disorganised those who do poorly in school, those who do not feel integrated can feel part of this system. As my brother with whom we are beginning to create a study and with whom we will create games and I want to share this with you because for us it has always been an aspiration. So I want to invite everyone to pursue their aspirations and passions and search so that other people can do the same, thank you very much.

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Posted by: fsrojas on Aug 25, 2011

Fernando Rojas
Especialista desde la teoría y práctica en el uso pedagógico de TIC y videojuegos, Fernando es fundador de, blog dedicado a impulsar el uso educativo de los videojuegos. Con 24 años fue elegido como uno de los 100 jóvenes líderes del año 2009 bajo el título "Videojuegos para enseñar" (Revista El Sábado, El Mercurio y UAI). Actualmente es coordinador de informática educativa en, donde lidera la implementación de proyectos de innovación docente en los colegios de la red. Desarrollador independiente y emprendedor, trabaja asimismo en un proyecto personal de integración sociocultural con el pueblo mapuche utilizando videojuegos y medios audiovisuales.

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