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So there is a survey done and they asked, I think it was around 1200 IT professionals what their industry is. And they gave them check boxes. 'What is your industry?' 67% of the IT professionals answered they are in the IT industry. Are you in the IT industry? You're saying no - what industry are you in? [audience member in background: Agriculture.] Agriculture. Okay, who is in a different industry? Okay what industry are you in? [audience member in background: Financial.] Financial. [audience member in background: Manufacturing.] Manufacturing. [audience member in background: Insurance.] Insurance. We are not in the IT industry and yet 67% of our colleagues think they are. We don't understand the business nearly as well as we need to, to be successful. Okay, now I'm done making everyone cry okay? See I told you - this is the tough love part okay. Now I do have a solution. Okay. Now before we get to that I want to talk a little bit more about why is this IT's problem to fix? I mean, we're right are we not? There are security issues. There is a communication issues; only there are all kinds of problems that our end users do not understand. So why is this our problem to fix? -silence- [audience member: Nobody else is going to fix it.] Nobody else is going to fix it. Yeah, notice that I'm not at a business conference here today. I'm at an IT conference . Why else is it our problem? It's our job. It's our job to fix it. Why is it our job? Why isn't it the business's job? I'm pretty good at my job [muttering in audience] They're there to run the business, they're not there to run the IT department. Yeah. Here's why this becomes our problem to fix: outsourcing. Okay. Now who got caught up in outsourcing? You may have been laid off in the past? Anyone get caught up in outsourcing? Oh whew! We survived that! Life is good right? Uh outsourcing didn't work did it? Ha ha, joke's on them! Are they any happier with IT, however? What's their next solution for managing IT themselves? Big puffy thing in the I'm still trying to find my way around you. Oh the security people said that I could make it available in SharePoint but I found I can get it on DropBox. I know, I know there are big fines but do they care? No. So outsourcing is one reason. Whose job has become more complex in the last five years then it was in the previous fifteen years? Yeah. Absolutely! And why are our jobs more complex? What makes them more complex? More systems. More integration. The speed of technology. The internet. I've heard of it. [Speakers response to comment unintelligible remark made in the audience. "Someday, some I don't believe that for a moment don't waste your money."] Regulatory compliance. It's getting harder to do our jobs! And is it okay for us, is it safe for us, just to sit in the back and develop our programs, build our infrastructure, life is all good? Or do we actually have to go out, and find out what the business needs from us? We just can't be order takers anymore can we? That's not working, it's not working so our technical skills aren't enough to get us by anymore are they? We need additional skills.

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