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♪ music playing ♪ >>Rocio: We've mentioned it before. You can choose not to get a tip. If you are treating your rideshare business like a chore that you hate to do, your riders will pick up on this attitude, and they will save their tips for another trip and someone else. This isn't laundry day or doing your dishes. This is a source of income. Even if you're only driving part-time, you can't take it for granted, and your attitude is key. A positive attitude not only affects the rider, and potentially your tip earnings, but it can also make your experience better as a driver. One of the big positives for us is that we get to choose a driving schedule that fits in with other parts of our lives. Maybe you've been feeling negative about driving because you haven't been busy. Well, one of the smart choices you can make as a driver is to consider the actual needs in your city when thinking about when and where you're working. Before you go online, ask yourself if you are in the right place at the right time to make money. Is there a busier place you could be driving? On the other hand, maybe driving stresses you out. And it can be difficult when there's too much traffic or you don't know how to get around. You can choose to drop off a rider in a busy or unfamiliar area and then go back to a neighborhood that you feel more comfortable driving in. Or even, take this as an opportunity to learn about a new place. We're not going to love all of our riders. And in fact, some may irritate us. But if we let that irritation seep into the car, and out onto the road, it can lead to road rage. Even if we're not actively rude to our rider, if we're rude and unsafe to other drivers, by racing or verbally complaining, we're not providing a positive experience in the car. Not only are you choosing not to get a tip, but you're increasing the likelihood of an accident. Being thoughtful about the rider starts with being thoughtful and aware of your own frame of mind. Sometimes, it might be necessary to just take a break rather than risk taking out your aggression on the road. Your mental health is also important. It's important to realize how your mental health af others, affects others, and how it reflects back on you. Even without road rage, the rider can pick up on our negative energy. It can be vital, both on a personal and business level, to take a break from driving during your day. Getting that time out of the car to get a snack, stretch your legs, or call a friend can really help refresh your mood so that your next rider won't be affected. And remember, safe driving always gets you a lot more tips than an expensive speeding ticket. So if you choose a positive attitude, what are you choosing? You're choosing a tip. ♪ music playing ♪

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