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蜀 ~ 御风 [English Translation]

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Made by: Wǔ yīn liù lǜ Shu: Ride the Wind Xu Shu: In what place, Will I, Xu Yuanzhi, finally find his home? Pang Tong: Here, at Luofeng (Phoenix Falling) Hill The phoenix’s fire will be extinguished. But here between Ba and Shu Provinces, my lord, You can take your place as Emperor with righteous authority. Fa Zheng: You have named me the wing of Shu, my lord, So I will exhaust my ingenuity To help you win the throne you rightfully deserve. Even if immoral actions are needed, Your servant Gladly takes on the weight of blood and shadows. Guan Yu: The green dragon blade in this nobody’s hand, Has fed too much on the blood of dishonourable and unjust men. Today, Let my blood sate it fully. Liu Bei: I started my work in the peach garden with benevolence, Now this futile emperor has ended in Baodi (the city where he lost his war) with hatred and vengeance. Yunchang (Guan Yu), Yide (Zhang Fei), I have come to fulfil the peach garden vow we made. Zhuge Liang: I have calculated the measures of war. I have predicted the world splitting into three. Yet, I have forgotten myself. Sima Hui (Zhuge Liang’s teacher): Dew weeps over the life’s ephemerality, the autumn wind turns dreary at this raging chaos. Alone I sit in this secluded bamboo grove, Playing the zither, enjoying the isolation. Yet in the strings’ echoes I hear… This surely is The arrival of a hero! Guan Ping Guan Suo Huang Yueying Guan Yinping Liu Shan Zhang Xingcai Zhao Yun Ma Dai Guan Xing Zhang Bao Liu Bei: There is poison in the human heart. In a sudden flash, The map has been torn apart. In but a few generations, the Han crown has fallen to the ground. Who will take on the blame? In Xian County, the dragon awakes from a deep sleep. The peach garden is set alight As three hands become one, grasping benevolence To grant the Emperor’s plea, ridding the world of the traitor (Cao Cao) Returning power to the throne. Guan Yu: The green dragon blade gleams. Alone, the God of War rides, To cross the river; the last of the five passes. Though the banquet was intoxicating, Honour remained untouched. Died standing straight At the gates of Jing Province. The shadow looms large and lonely. Zhang Fei: Gambling in the woods, Roaring at Changban. How many dare come forward? How many will survive? My breath like howling gales and roaring thunder, With one shout, I terrify even ghosts and demons. Ma Chao: I ride like the flashing lightning; My spear cuts swift and sharp like a dragon’s teeth. Death follows the stamp of my horse’s iron hooves. My might and ferocity send wolves cowering. As I approach, bamboo shatter. Chengdu’s mediocre lord shivered in fear, falling to his knees in defeat. Huang Zhong: Even forgotten among the lowly ranks, My blood races at the sound of war drums. The whistling arrow shrieks as I catch two clouds with one shot. After half a century I was finally allowed into the command tent by a wise king. To repay this debt of gratitude, I will fight and die Until my bones are buried in an unmarked grave. Ma Chao: Xiliang’s Ma Chao the Splendid has arrived! Now hurry and offer up your terms of surrender! Huang Zhong: Many disdain my old age. Well, they shall see: Who will be the one with the courage to rush to the frontlines! Zhao Yun: A rare youth wanders the four corners under Heaven; If he guards the gates, none dares rush in. Under the moonlight This spear gleams red like the courage in a dragon’s heart. Crafting new scars, Covering up old illnesses; With the wind between his knees, No enemy dares to stand in his way. Zhao Yun: Get out of my way! I don’t want your blood to filthy the young lord’s skin. Zhang Fei: Even though a million soldiers stand ahead of us, Older brother just needs to say the word and I will carve out for him a path of blood! Zhuge Liang: Set promises alight in the East, Wove peace for Shu in the West Tamed barbarians in the South, Waged war with traitors in the North. Works of benevolence shine and inspire. Yet, in the end, This star still fell on Wuzhang Plains (where he died). Careless and carefree by nature, The phoenix tricks a traitor (Cao Cao) into Chibi’s raging flames. Spreading my wings, I offered three plans for my Lord’s ascension. Out of kindness, my lord lent me his horse. So, I died. Sing an elegy for the phoenix’s rebirth in fire. Xu Shu: Sketched out the future; Broke the Eight Formation and Scattered the soldiers As they screamed in fear. I ride to offer a recommendation. Now under threat, I put on a carefree pretense. Yet I cannot abandon my true desire. A tiger tamed will repay both grievances and gratitude. Wrote Shu’s laws with my Lord And respected them. Used underhanded tactics to set Xiahou Yuan’s death in stone. Here, a great tragedy: this tiger died before seeing Wu’s destruction. Jiang Wei: At Longnan, this qilin leaves the Emperor’s service, To guard a foreign land with the ferocity Of a wolf biting at the moon's reflection. This pillar of the second generation guards the descending twilight. Hiding the hurt in the heart; Hiding the yearning for the Chancellor. Now his final wishes have become mere delusions. Where can I find a home now? Jiang Wei: Lord Chancellor… The brightest star in the sky… Is that you? Liu Bei: Half of a lifetime spent drifting, Two years as an Emperor; I have never once glimpsed the Han return to its glory. Yiling (the place of alliance with Wu) has burnt to the ground, The dragon cloth (the Emperor’s robe) has turned to dust. Exhausted and tired, This futile Emperor pleads for eternal sleep in Baodi. Liu Shan: Under the Heavens, chaos reign. Here in this small corner, I can only be a compassionate king. The door to Ing-Ping (the road to Shu) is wide open. I cannot withstand my people’s suffering. Let them destroy my reputation. Let them throw me out into the cold. These pains I will take unto myself. Three states, three annals of history, Turn time back to the Three Kingdoms. Status does not beget survival Wine does not absolve longing. Lords and retainers inseparable but by death. Who wields the long spear against their enemies? Who are the master strategists with their miraculous tricks? Riding with only blade and horse for company, Dreaming of Shu at the peach garden Waking to see only twilight. Liu Bei: Looking back on yesterday, The imperial blood of the Han faintly writes, “Liu Xuande.” Sima Hui: The Sleeping Dragon (Zhuge Liang) and the Young Phoenix (Pang Tong), The loyalty of one grants you the might to unify the world. So why hold on to both of them? Hah… Is this truly the heaven playing tricks? Liu Shan: My liege father, my lord Chancellor, Ah Dou’s heart Has never once forgotten Shu Han. Shu: Ride the Wind Made by: Wǔ yīn liù lǜ yuan chuàng yīn yuè tuán duì 英文翻译 (English translation): evocating and eabevella @ tumblr 英文题字 (English encoding): evocating @ tumblr

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出品:五音六律原创音乐团队 (
Creator: Wǔyīn liù lǜ yuan chuàng yīn yuè tuán duì
Producer: Wèn ruò liǔ yàn qīng
Chief Executive Producer: Liǔyànqīng
Composer: Jūn xié
Song post-production: Xiǎo wú tàitài
Art Designer: Hú wū
Video Editor: Xiǎo xiāng gū ChoYaki
Chinese Transcription: Yán chí
英文翻译:evocating and eavebella @ tumblr

刘备 - 宁采臣
Liu Bei – Níng cǎi chén
关羽 - 裂天
Guan Yu – Liè tiān
张飞 - 小魂
Zhang Fei – Xiǎo hún
马超 - 旧事年华
Ma Chao – Jiù shì nián huá
黄忠 - 祝贺
Huang Zhong – Zhù hè
赵云 - 萧忆情
Zhao Yun – Xiāo yì qíng
诸葛亮 - 贰万
Zhuge Liang – Èr wàn
庞统 - 紫幻如风
Pang Tong – Zǐ huàn rú fēng
徐庶 - 流浪的蛙蛙
Xu Shu – Liú làng de wā wā
法正 - 落樱风
Fa Zheng – Luò yīng fēng
姜维 - 烟花Show
Jiang Wei – Yān huā Show
刘禅 - 文子轩
Liu Shan - Wénzi Xuān

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