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I've finished 欢乐伙伴 4B textbook today! Let me read you the stories... How Do Animals Sleep There was a day during the holidays, dad brought Xiao-Le and her sister to the zoo. They went to see the giraffes first. The way giraffes sleep is very special. They lay on the ground, their long necks arched behind their backs, with their heads resting on their rumps. Dad said: “Giraffes usually sleep very little. Some only sleep half an hour each day.” Feeling very surprised, little sister said: “Giraffes sleep so little, and yet they can grow so tall?” - When dad heard the question, he smiled and said: “Good question! If you are interested, we can look up the answer on the internet.” After viewing the giraffes, they continued on. After walking for a while, little sister shouted: “Look over there! What is that animal? It's so ugly! Why are they hanging at the tree?” Xiao-Le replied: “Oh! Those are bats. they are sleeping.” Dad explains: “Bats are different from other animals, they sleep while hanging upside down on a tree. While sleeping, they hold on tightly to the branches, or the fine cracks in stones found in caves. They can sleep up to 20 hours a day!” Lastly, they arrived at the gorilla sanctuary. Some gorillas are sunning themselves on the rocks, some are eating while squatting down. Xiao-Le asked: “How do gorillas sleep then?” Dad answered: “When gorillas sleep, they sleep on their sides, using their arms as a pillow. Like humans, they sleep about 8 hours a day.” Little sister said happily, “I've never thought that there's so much to learn about how animals sleep. It's so interesting!” - I like this story because... there's lots of questions answered. It gives us... "more knowledge", doesn't it? - Who Has the Best Eyesight If we want to ask which animal has the best eyesight, I'm afraid that if you ask 1000 people, you will have 1000 different answers. The eagle has keen eyesight, and can detect small animals on the ground at an altitude of two to three kilometers. If people are at that height, the things on the ground are basically invisible. However, people living on land do not need the eyes of an eagle. The eyes of tigers, leopards and other carnivorous animals are mostly on the front side of the head, which not only help them see their preys clearly, but also can judge the position and distance of the surrounding preys very well. Such eyes are good for hunting. - The eyes of herbivores such as cows and sheep are mostly on the sides of the head, the field of vision is relatively wide, and they are particularly sensitive to moving things. Such eyes are conducive to discovering enemies in time. - There's lots of words [in this article]. - There are also many animals with very special eyesight. The owl can see things in the weak light, so it often moves at night. When a lizard hunts prey, one of its eye is fixed on its target, and the other eye can move up, down, left, and right to detect the best way to catch its prey. The eyes of each animal are the best for itself, which is exactly what's so wonderful about them. - Do you find this article difficult to read? - Let's have a look at this chapter's new characters. There are lots of characters that I do not know. There are lots of phonetic assistance that I need to use [to help sound out the characters]. - What would you like me to review? Let's have a look. Read this? Or this? 蛇 (snake), 一条蛇 (a snake) 膀 (upper arm), 肩膀 (shoulder) 颈 (neck), 长颈鹿 (giraffe) 鹿 (deer), 长颈鹿 (giraffe) 壁 (flat surface), 墙壁 (wall) 蝴 (butterfly), 蝴蝶 (butterfly) 蝶 (butterfly), 蝴蝶 (butterfly) 趴 (prone), 趴在地上 (lay prone on the floor) 绕 (to circle), 绕了很多圈 (circled many rounds) 丑 (ugly), 好丑啊! (It's so ugly!) 哦 (ohh), 哦 哦 我知道啊 哦 (ohh I know ohhh!) Alright alright... that is enough [of ohhhs]! 释 (explanation), 解释 (explain) 与 (with/and), 我与你 (you and me) 牢 (prison) 牢牢地记住 (remember well) 牛在坐牢 (the cow is in prison) 在发牢骚 (to complain) 钩 (hook), 钓钩 (fish hook) 蹲 (squat) 蹲下来吃香蕉 (eat bananas while squatting) What do you mean 'eating bananas while squatting'? Have a look! The gorillas are eating bananas while squatting down! Oh I see... okay okay. I've forgotten about that. - 侧 (side), 侧面 (side) 左侧 (left side), 右侧 (right side) Also..... 前侧 (front side) - 臂 (arm), 手臂 (arm) What is 手臂? This is 手臂! This.. this.. this... this! - Goodbye... goodbye!

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