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Power Platform is one connected platform that empowers everyone to innovate. Power Platform is a solution across all industries. It can be used to modernize and streamline operations, manage risk throughout the organization, and improve customer service. Before we explore these in further detail, let us meet one Power Platform user and the challenges she faces. Hi, I am Anna. I am a Power User. My job is to improve business processes and systems. The things that I care about most in my position are connecting, prepping, and modeling data for analysis, surfacing insights from data for the organization, business processes and workflows, low-code automation, creating applications driven by actionable data, and customizing business logic. Power Platform helps Anna with automating across popular applications such as Visio, Salesforce, Adobe Marketing Cloud, et cetera, close integration with Microsoft products such as Microsoft 365, Dynamics 365, and Azure, building web and mobile apps fast and without limits, gaining insights from data regardless of where it lives, and enterprise-ready security and governance. Let us explore how Power Platform is used in different industries. Assume Anna is a Power User in the transportation industry. Let us see how she uses Power Platform to modernize and streamline operations, manage risk throughout the organization, and improve customer service. To modernize operations and streamline execution in a railway company, I would quickly close digital gaps when internal workflows and processes are updated, optimize route management by digitizing and analyzing route performance information, and reduce operating costs by consolidating all resource usage tracking information in a single place, allowing for data-driven purchasing decisions. To manage risk throughout the railway organization, I would streamline maintenance audits by automating the data collection process and improve equipment safety by driving maintenance and repair efficacy through apps that provide task recommendations and guidance. To improve customer service for a railway company, I would develop apps so the train personnel can have the full view of customer data on their mobile devices and automate notifications so that the train personnel can receive real-time delay or incident notifications and ensure on-time departures and arrivals. Assume Anna is a Power User in the consumer goods industry. Let us take a look at what modernizing operations and streamlining execution, managing risk, and improving customer service means in her industry. To modernize operations and streamline execution in a consumer goods company, I would automate manual processes and integrate time-consuming tasks so that the employees can work more efficiently and the company saves money, build customized apps that pull data from disparate systems and provides employees from across different departments with a complete view of the customer, and streamline data collection with processing from paper-based processes from multiple systems with digital applications that integrate disparate tools and are optimized for mobile devices. To manage risk throughout a consumer goods organization, I would reduce data breach risk in secured business data by digitizing processes and removing paper from the system, eliminate digital gaps by quickly addressing changing workflows and procedures and eliminating manual processes, and empower and support employees with streamlined processes. Save time, make work simpler and easier, boosting employee engagement and effectiveness. To improve customer service in a consumer goods organization, I would protect customer information and make their information more secure and support mobile technicians who travel to fix customer vehicles on a timely basis to meet customer needs. Power Platform is the right application for my business and for succeeding in any industry.

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