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Piaget on Piaget (part 1)

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Jean Piaget's ideas and writings have been influential throughout the world in the study of child development and in education. He applies the term "genetic epistemology" to his studies of the development of knowledge in human beings. His research has led him to a theory of knowledge. This film was made in Switzerland in 1977 exactly as Piaget wanted it made. He discusses his ideas, tries to clarify misunderstandings about them, and he shows some of his classic experiments with children. . . . . . . . . Take a good look at it, huh? Like that. Like that? And then a [mumbles] here. A what? Well, a point here, see? Ah yes. There. No, cut it. So we cut it. If we cut it there, will it be just as long? Yes. Is that ok? There. Now listen to me. Now the two strings are just as long? Ok. Now this one we'll leave here. Now then, listen to this. If I pull this string like this, what's going to happen? er, that one will be big and that one will be little. Where will it be little? There. And where will it be big? There. Ok. There it will be big and here it will be little. OK, so shall we do it? Yes. There. Is that right? Good. Now tell me this: This string from this end to this end, is it still just as long as that one? Or is it not just as long as that one? Not just as long as that one. It is not just as long as that one? Ok. What if we put this one back as it was before? How will it be if we pull here again? This one will be like this one. This one will be like this one. And where will the big part be? There. And where will the little part be? There. Ok. So we pull like that, and now the string from this end to that end, is it just as long as that one? Yes. Yes? Ok. And if we pull again, there, like that are they just as long, both of them? No. No. Look, Barbara, these are sticks. Would you call them sticks?

Video Details

Duration: 12 minutes and 25 seconds
Year: 1979
Country: United States
Language: English
Producer: Yale University. Media Design Studio
Views: 396
Posted by: gbonaiuti on Jan 27, 2012

Piaget on Piaget Yale University. Media Design Studio Distribution, 300 Crown St., New Haven, Conn. 16 mm, color, 42 minutes (1979)

Source: YouTube

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