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The Venus Project-Feb 3, 2011-Update

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This is a brief update video for activities of the venus project, for February of 2011. Ok that sounds great. Thanks a lot, bye bye. He says he can't get enough, he says everytime you hear it you hear something new and, you know. He put it together differently - he was great. He wants to come on a tour. Besides the tours on schedualed Saturdays, Jacque is continuously creating and revising new designs, in all areas of the social sequences. For every design and drawing that he keeps, he probably throws out about 10. He then selects, from the sketches, ones he wants to be rendered into 3D animations. Andrew and Julita are located in London, and they head up the venus project design team. Just give you an idea of size. It looks very good Andrew. It's getting there. We've been working with Julita and Andrew for about 2 years now. They take Jacques sketches and turn it into a beautiful vision, of what the future can be. So if you'd like to learn more about our design team, visit On the same site we have a tremendous professional database that you might want to check out and join as well. We're also filming the hundreds of scale models that Jacque made with an HD camera, because they were originally shot on Hi8 over 10 years ago. There's always a lot working against you when you shoot outside, there are the bugs, the wind, the rain, the sun, making sure the shadows are in the right places, and the sun is always moving. So it's always an interesting venture. After we do get the models shot, then it's into the editing room, where we go over the shots, and see what we're going to pick. We're doing this for presentations, because we are always having meetings with people for the possibility of doing the first city or a more extensive research center. In addition, I'm presently narrating Jacque's book, ''The best that money can't buy'' - beyond politics, poverty, & war into an audio book. Unfortunetly, I don't know the release date on that yet. We appreciate everyone's interest and support. And keep watching for new content and lectures which we'll try to post regularly. Thanks.

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Posted by: diegoarcega on Feb 4, 2011

Thanks Roxanne for help and narration on the video!

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