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Edurne Pasaban - Dos roles ante las adversidades

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I believe and I learned that when facing mountains like K2 we can take two roles: The first role is that of victim which is what at this moment sometimes it makes us want to be, victims. To say: "I won't be able to. How am I going to go to K2!" If I have been told that of five people that climb to the top of K2 only three come down alive to base camp, but if I have no preparation to go there. How am I going to go to K2 if the team I am going with are the best mountaineers that exist in Spain and in the world? How am I going to go with them to K2? If in the first chance they will leave me behind. I think that is not the role that should we take in front of the K2 we have right in front right now. The role we have to take is the role of protagonists. To say like me in 2004: "Why not? I am going to give it a try. I am going to K2. I know it won't be easy. I am going to prepare more than previous years, but I am going to K2." That 2004 I went to K2. I will not deny it, it was a difficult expedition. It was a complicated expedition. I was scared, yes. We are afraid, yes. Are we afraid of what we have there in front of that K2 ? Yes. We are all afraid, but I'll tell you something else, throughout my sports career and climbing 8 thousand meter mountains, fear has not been a bad companion. Fear has been a good companion. And do you know why? Because it has kept me more watchful of what could happen around me. It had my eyes wide open, from avalanches, from cracks, of what was happening. If we know how to manage that fear, if we know how to control it, do not let it turn into panic, fear is not a bad companion. What do you think a person when faced with a K2, when we face a K2 that we have right in front and when he returns, what does he win? The person gains in confidence. In confidence. In saying: "Sure, surely life will put other K2s in front of me." But I already got over this one and next time it would be easier. We gain in confidence. That's why I always say: "If you can imagine it, you can achieve it. If you can dream it, you can become it." I think anything, anything, that we consider in our life, it will only be in our hands to achieve it.

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Posted by: wobi on Apr 7, 2021

Edurne Pasaban - Dos roles ante las adversidades

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