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Missing Child as WARSLAVE - Guhat 2/2

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Desteni Interdimensional Interview: Guhat 2 This is Guhat, continuing from my first interview where I explained one morning when I was seven years old after two years in the war slave camp that I was lying down and we only had these straw grass ground beds to lie upon which is made up from the ground, nothing soft and they have given me too much of that ointment stuff, which they did everyday but only underneath the nose and underneath the eyes where everything stops inside you and they can say only word and then you will do in particular specific action like what happened to me when they spoke one word and I shot another child I had to do that to prove my allegiance and I was- I couldn't stand up that morning everything was (swirling) like that and the officer got angry because I did not immediately stand up and obey an immediate order and he just took a knife and slit my throat and he left me there to bleed to death while another child that was sleeping next to me was just watching me die and he just immediately stood up and he said that he would go fetch the water and they both left and, that's how I died and this is still continuing to happen to many children and that's how they are trained and initiated into becoming the children of war, in this world and we were also cut, you have a- mark that is yours imprinted into the flesh that was cut with a knife also on your face and I didn't feel anything all through those three years, I felt nothing there was nothing inside me only sometimes when I would wake up in the evenings and it would feel like I am coming back from something and then memories would start coming back from what I did but it's like I didn't do that it wasn't me that did it- it was memories from another time another person that made children that was with me and also myself that was young 5, 6, 7 the eldest were 9 or 10 because the children are more mobile and they are able to spy and target easily without being seen or heard, and we did many such training through such training program of how to walk to not be heard how to crawl how to hide how to spy how to get information but we were so trained to not have any fears because you cannot do what we were trained to do if you had any fear inside you even as a child so they did some frightening stuff to us to break that barrier of fear inside of us more than one could perceive the mind could handle but it does and then you break and everything stops inside of you with both the ointment that they put on us and then you are just empty there is nothing and then from the nothingness they make you would they want you to be and then you do what they want you to do and this is, what is currently happening to children within this world and most of it is not even known because these beings that kidnap children and take children initiate them into becoming children of war are government sponsored militant groups that work 'underground' they do have affiliation with governments and it's because this world has gotten to a stage where it is so complete entirely out of control that governments will use any and all means to protect themselves and it's not even about the country or the people in the country about themselves and about their money, protecting their investments within the country and thus, they will sacrifice what is necessary to be sacrificed to ensure the harvest of their investments as money, within and as their countries alright, my name is Guhat, and that was my experience how I died and what happened to me, as a child war slave thank you

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Posted by: desteniteam1 on Jun 8, 2010


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