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rebel with a cause

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Rebel with a cause Whether in green, blue, or simply white, whether printed or black, whether making a statement, or worn out of necessity. It's just 200 grams of cotton. Their story is reflected in their design and each own has it's own little story to tell. Stories about people, Stories about farmers, factory workers and suppliers. Stories about sweatshops and shopping centers. Stories about subsidies and the race to the bottom. Stories about other worlds. It travels long distances only to come back again. And in the end something doesn't quite add up. This imbalance is becoming greater over time. As the washing, ironing and wearing of clothes is a constantly repetitive process the ecological backpack grows steadily. The ecological backpack is a term describing however many kilos of ressources are actually necessary in order to produce a product. That includes production, transport, and daily use. Gradually something of only von 200 grams in weight can use up to five tons of ressources. In Africa it's called Mitumba, the shirt of the dead whites. Meaning they can't understand how someone can no longer find need for something so new and throw it away. For a small amount of money it will find a new owner and meet it's direct descendants. Fresh out of the factory and ready for the journey. a complex story a simple product your T-shirt created by Kristian Labusga music: Florian Gubba voice: Daniel Winter special thanks to supported by LB-BW created at Hochschule für Medien, Stuttgart

Video Details

Duration: 2 minutes and 18 seconds
Country: Germany
Language: English
Producer: Kristian Labusga
Director: Kristian Labusga
Views: 87
Posted by: mariano.j on Mar 18, 2011

a little graphic novel by Kristian Labusga, 2008
about clothing and sustainability

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