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The announcement from the Department of Education that this school had been selected was very emotional, not only for me, but also for my fellow teachers and our students. This is the first time that this isolated, small and rural school participates in a technology-based project. Students had fun and learned. It was not the traditional way, following instructions, with notebooks and a blackboard. It was lots of fun… Because it was something new for them, using computers and videogames, especially with XBOX and Kinect. My experience with Kinect has been the best with electronics. Now I can learn math while playing videogames. Before I was behind in math and now I learned more. The curricular content of this application meets the DOE standards and expectations and also fits well with our school’s transformation strategy, which is applied learning. I have learned lots of multiplication and division… and addition and subtraction with regrouping. The program gave students the opportunity to work individually in Math, with their computers. Each day the kids became more engaged, with a positive experience. This is the only school I have attended where they have awarded us for studying and learning math and other classes. It is the first time that the students in our school have the opportunity to use computers and technology, almost every day in their classes. So the students increased their academic performance and their class interest. They were very upbeat and wanted to use the equipment every day. And they made me believe, by their faces and body language that the project really worked. They really liked it and that it has made an impact on them. And above all, there is proof of their development and their improved academic results; because they had fun while learning.

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Posted by: cine2015 on Jun 22, 2015


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