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Giant's Causeway

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This stone walkway on the coast of Northern Ireland is one of the country's most important tourist centers: The Giant's Causeway It's a special place of science and legend. Many visitors come each year to see Northern Ireland's first world heritage site. For some people, these 40,000 pieces of basalt are a natural formation. For other people, the Giant's Causeway is the home of a giant, named Fin MacCool. In the past, Hill Dick was a tour guide. He tells the legend of Fin MacCool. Fin was one of the great characters in Irish mythology, or if you like, Irish fact. Dick then tells the story about how Fin was angry with a Scottish giant who lived 25 miles across the sea. So Fin decided to go to Scotland. He was not a good swimmer, so he used rocks from volcanoes to build a road to Scotland, and he called it 'The Giant's Causeway'. Is the story of Fin MacCool true? Well, perhaps, if you use your imagination. But not everyone agrees. Scientists like geologist Patrick McKeever have their own story. They say that a volcano made the Giant's Causeway about 60 million years ago. That was a very long time before humans ever lived in this beautiful part of the world. McKeever talks about how he thinks the Giant's Causeway was made. The lava that was erupted was erupted very, very quickly, and the flows were very, very thick. He then explains that the lava was a bit like wet mud on a hot day. The mud becomes dry and shrinks or gets smaller when it dries. McKeever says that a similar condition with the lava made the many-sided columns. Visitors have been coming to the Giant's Causeway and the nearby Irish coast since the 1800s. These people don't have to believe in the legend or the science to want to come to this interesting place. You can weave your own story around it, you can look at a rock and say: 'That reminds me of something', or 'That looks like something'. Each year many tourists and children visit the Giant's Causeway and hear the legends. These people, and their interest, may help the legend of Finn MacCool live for a very long time.

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