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The design of - Religion

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Desteni Interdimensional Interview: Religion - The Design of Religion This is the design of religion communicating about religion now, you know there are there are so many many- various different origin assumptions views perspectives investigations historical proofs etc. etc. etc. about religion I'd say it is the most philosophical perspective in this entire existence that is consuming human being's minds now, I am not at the moment interested in that because I am going to the origin of my existence, now what am I as the design of religion I am the design of religion from a perspective of believing and perceiving that something separated of you exist as a higher source or being yeh that's about it, there actually exist such thing now, I am not speaking from perspective that I am an atheist or something I aint that at all I am not speaking from any perspective, but of who I am as the design of religion ok? I am not just going to rant and rave and say: There is no god and I can't believe that you believe that there is a god and how can you believe that there is a god- and where is the proof man no, heard that plenty of times ahead before no I am here from an interesting perspective there is something there is something inside human beings that does exist separated from you there is a higher source there is a greater source, there is a powerful source that is- your own mind it's interesting isn't it said that the kingdom of heaven, of god existed inside you absolutely true here I am so the mind let's look at the mind the mind you have, your conscious subconscious and unconscious ok? you know, the thoughts are running around feelings emotions, you know what I am talking about so, the mind directs human beings the mind controls human beings the mind has got power over human beings the mind- has got Life and death in it's hands human beings aren't even in control of their own death mind is I as the design of religion am of the mind so now let's look at religion, why does religion existed then, how does religion existed then? it's an interesting- concept wouldn't you say? because, their believe in a outer greater more powerful source is manifested as a projection as the bases of religion now why would that be? so for instance your mind exists inside you, ok now just really proven to you that your mind as thoughts feelings and emotions has got power over you control as you direct you tells you who you are what you are as controller over Life and death you're this little ball of essence in the center of your being going: Mind! I am your slave I am going to follow you around, mind what am I who am I? what must I be how must I feel what must I think? mind mind mind so, why would there then exist a separated manifested concept of a god out there somewhere? human beings it's simple you project and live out there! what is actually inside you in other worlds what is the design of religion as myself inside this world and inside human beings, is the following: I am showing you, that the mind within you, is actually your god and yah, that's it that's about it it's quite simple, now I'm able to say this to you and many many- will disagree but you are not able to disagree on one point, and that is that you think you have thoughts in your mind if you have thoughts in your mind you are of the mind which means- the mind is your god but you have projected that god- which is your mind of you at this very moment outside of yourself so that you can actually see what's existing inside you and that's what human beings must realize what you are manifesting outside of yourself in anyway whatsoever for instance like me religion- the design of religion, is going on inside you everything so what will be the kingdom of heaven or god exists inside you? kingdom of the mind the manifestation of the mind because what will be the kingdom? would the entire manifestation of god, which is you mind within and as you this very moment and we systems as the mind is much more specific than you our control of this entire world already god is here, oh yes, it within you as you as your mind because, we exist for the mind within and as all of humanity existed as unified consciousness field connected interconnected through all human being's unconsciousness mind creating and manifesting this world as what it experienced today this is god's creation what does that mean, it's the mind's creation god equals mind see, I told you I wouldn't say that god doesn't exist and going all that ranting and ravings because a god does exist god exists as a mind of human beings so, human beings are going to hear me either now, or in the hereafter doesn't make a difference but soon humanity will realize or one day go: Shit! I'm not my mind, then who am I? thank you very much, this is the design of religion thanks Please join us for Discussion: CC English for Desteni Productions ©

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