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Basak Taner - Istanbul, Turkey - Turkish (Global Lives Project, 2013) - 18:30:00-18:59:59

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Did you eat your food? Are you full? Come here, let's look at the fish. - Mommy. - Daddy is home, Cüneyt is home. - Mommy is over there. - Are you playing games with Dad? - Run to your mother. Quick. Yum! - Who is coming? - Daddy. - Yum. Yum. Yum. Run quick, run. Zeynep's not here. Zeynep's not here. She hid. Where is Zeynep? I can't see her. - I can't see her either. - Where is she? Where is Zeynep? - Zeynep's not here, she hid. - Zeynep! - Oh, is she there? No, she isn't here. Where is Zeynep? - What, what? - She is here! Catch her. Give it to me. There won't be any level determination exam. - Where is Zeynep? - They'd f...ed people over for years. Run to Mommy! - Yüksel Hanım, are you playing Candy Crush? Is that bad, Başak? Tell me. - No, not at all. Which level are you at? 105. You? I'm still at eighty. Zeynep's not here. Where is Zeynep? - Yummm! Zeynep, where is Yumuk? - Zeynep, I'm sleeping, wake me up. Wake mommy up. - I'm asleep, wake me up. Wake mommy up, kiss her awake. Kiss mommy awake. I'm awake now. - Let me sleep over here then. Is Zeynep sleepy? - Are you going to sleep? Do you want to sleep? - Mom, what are we gonna eat? Actually I'm full Başak. - So, does that mean everybody else is full? Feed us, be a Mom. Where is the baby? - Where is the baby fish? I'm talking to you. - Ok Başak, give a minute. Where is the baby fish? Did it hide? - Where are the bubbles? Did you feed the fish? Come over here. We are falling. Oh, oh, oh! Dad, can you scratch my back a little? Meanwhile, I'll do some zapping. Zeynep, are you sleepy? Zeynep, do you want some scratching too? - I'll go and put on something. Look what I'm doing. Shall we scratch Mom's back together? Shall we do this? Come. Do you want to do it? Come, come, come, come. Will you come here? Hold my hand. Now you scratch a little. - I'll fall asleep now. Ok dear, I'll fix something. - Come and do some scratching. Come up here. Let's scratch together. Hop up here. Don't let mommy notice, come here. Won't you scratch? - Zeynoş! Ali, are you hungry, will you eat? Not a bad idea. - I'll just bring the plates. - OK darling, doesn't matter. Don't worry about setting the table. - Just bring the plates. I just want a little. - Ok, I will put dolma and pasta. But not much, only two dolmas. - Can you give it to me? Let's turn up the volume. Zeynep, bring that to Mommy. Thank you. I couldn't grab it. Are you fooling me? Bravo! Zeynep, how did you switch this TV to German? Can you tell me? I can't switch it back. Zeynep changed the language to German. - Hop! Give it to me. Look, you can't enter the set-up menu. It skips the set-up. Look, look, it's on the screen right now. - Başak, is this enough? Do you want some massage too? No, just scratch a little more. What's wrong with the music? - I'll bring you some food on a plate. - Just a little, Mother. Ok, dolma and pasta. - A little please. Mom, look I couldn't do that. There are some grapes in that bag, from the garden. Should we call Digiturk? - There are also some apples from the orchard. Is it because of the remote? - Let's wash them and eat together. - Yes of course, it's the remote. This isn't Digiturk, father. I found it, I found it! How did you find it? - Course I can. Well, it says Deutsch or something. - Zeynep, can you come over here please? How did you access that? - I don't know how. Well, it should be in English anyway. Oh, come here. - Ok now, it wasn't in Turkish. Is it ok now? - Yes, yes. Başak, I'll go to the office in the morning. - What time? 9 am. I'll go with Akın. What time is your flight? - Quarter past one. Oh, good. You won't leave very early then, like at 5 or 6 am. No, I'll go to the office at half past eight. We'll meet at nine and leave around quarter past nine. Everyone will meet at 10:45. Is it from Yeşilköy? - Yes, Yeşilköy. - From Atatürk airport. Dear, could you please check what time the earliest ferry to Bakırköy is on Saturday? Let's check on the Internet now. - Ok, let's check. We'll take the ferry to Bakırköy and then take a taxi to the airport. The weather is nice. - That's the most convenient way, or else, you can't get there. - Yes. - Let's check. The cat is meowing. - The big one, or the small one? - The big one. But it might get aggressive now. Are you thirsty, shall we open it? Give it to me. Come here. Shut up, you pest. Are you thirsty? - For which date, mother? - You're gonna drink it, right? - The 7th, September 7. What time is your flight? The program says 11 am, and we should be at the airport 9 am. Well, there is one at 8 am. - Eight is late. 8 is the earliest. It arrives at Bakırköy at 8:50. You'll be at the airport at quarter past nine. So, you're saying that's normal? Will there be a lot of traffic? - No, not on Saturdays. Are you done, are you still drinking? Will you come here? - So, it's at 8, right? 8 am from Bostancı. - Will you sit while drinking it? - Any ferries around 6 am? No, mother. It's at 8. It arrives at Bakırköy at ten to nine, and you'll be there at quarter past nine. Ok, you get off the ferry, find a cab, place the luggage. You won't take the taxi from the parking lot. You should cross the street. You can take a taxi without having to cross the street. - If you do that, it will take you another 15 minutes. Do you want to put the cap on? Ok. - How can I cross the street with a huge suitcase? How can I climb the stairs to the overpass? Because there is an overpass there. - You have to. There is nothing else to do. I can't. It's not good for my health. Zeynep my love, aren't you sleepy yet? - Zeynep, shall we go and sleep? Say good night. - Başak, eat your food. Mommy. Is mommy tired? Başak, are you tired my girl? Is she tired? Did you ask mommy? Cüneyt, what was Yumuk doing? Did you ask mommy if she is tired? Did you ask daddy, 'are you tired daddy?' Did you ask him, 'are you tired daddy?' - Is your nose running, Zeynep? Doesn't look like it, Başak. - It looks wet. Then it must be coming. I washed her nose, there was a lot of discharge. Look it's running again. But that's not a toy, is it? My little girl, I'll make you cry but it will be good for your nose. I know you'll cry some and then calm down, but what else can I do? Mommy. Mommy is here. I put some food for you. C'mon dear. She shouldn't see it. She'll cry and scream but what can I do? Otherwise, she won't sleep at night. Zeynep, what is there? Where is the remote? Here. - I'm tired of scurrying around the house. Give it to me Dad. - I put it here so not to lose it. I'll put on a cartoon and apply this thingy to her nose while she watches it. Zeynep, come here. - Oh, here is Milly Molly. - Look, there is a cat there. Sit there, let her not face me. Don't you want to watch TV? - Let's watch Milly Molly. Or let's watch Duck. - What is on Duck TV? Zeynep, look! Take this remote. Sit on daddy's lap. I'll ask you something. Where is your water? Where is it? No, my birdie, no. Come, come, come. - Look at all this snot. Come, come, come. Zeynoş, it didn't hurt you, you know that, right? Come here, where is your pacifier? No. Hug daddy. Good girl! My sweet girl. Cüneyt, your dinner. - I'm coming, mother. Come, let's have some water. Darling, your food is on the table. C'mon eat now. How is Zeynep? My girl. Will you hug me? C'mon, hug me, give me a kiss. Come. Me, me, me. - My darling, your nose is relieved now. Is your nose relieved? Good girl, it's over. - It's much better now. - It didn't even hurt you. It doesn't hurt, my baby. When you cry like that, I get very upset my love. Başak, what do you want to drink? - Water. - No, not water. Why not? Are you a baby? You're sucking on a pacifier. Baby. Zeynep, be careful. Başak, dear, where is the phone? - Whose? - Oh, it's here. Are you sure you want to drink water? - Water. - I'll have a coke. Do you want to eat? You want it? Open your mouth. How can you eat with a pacifier in your mouth? Silly! Grandma? - Yes? - Why don't you watch Duck TV with Zeynep? C'mon my love. Come here my baby. My dolma tastes great. Bless me. Hello. I'd like to place an order. I think Cüneyt is doing what I've guessed. Yes. Zeynep! It's 10 pm, you naughty girl. You should sleep already. Zeynoş. Mommy. - Yes love. Hey stop, girl! Shall we sleep? Are you sleepy? Alright, you began to wave her hand. Mommy will put you to sleep after she finishes her dinner. So that she can get some rest too. Did grandpa pass there? Zeynep come. Do you want to drink something? Do you want to drink too, Başak? No, you won't. What did she take? - Batteries. Oh, how nice! Exactly for you. - All rattling, just the thing for you, right Zeynep? It's exactly for you, right? - Look at those batteries. Where will we use so many batteries? Look, I'll ask you something. - Where did that come from? What are we going to drink now? Look! But you have the pacifier in your mouth. Don't give her Icetea! She won't sleep. Let's give her some beer instead. It's better. Don't you like it? It's not good, is it? Cüneyt! Should I bring you your food? - No, I'll take it myself. Başak, what did you eat at the pharmacy today? - Go to grandma now. - Of course, you weren't there at noon. You took the parcels and left. At noon I had a toast and some tea. They kept me full. Then in the evening, I came here and ate, as you know. Come my love. Why don't we go and sleep? C'mon wave to everyone, to Mommy, to Daddy. I'll take her to sleep, Mom. Mom! - What happened? - I told you that three dolmas were unstuffed, right? Oh, they are? - Didn't I tell you? - No, you didn't. - They are hollow, filled with water. Because I love my son-in-law, I picked the hollow ones especially for him. You see how much I love you? Then you ask me why I do this and that. - I cooked nine dolmas. They didn't fill the pot, so I put some unstuffed peppers to fill in the spaces. Oh no, Başak! - Stuffed ones are finished? - There aren't any stuffed ones, just the hollow ones. I'm very sorry. I randomly picked a plate and mine were stuffed. I will be traveling tomorrow, and you're sending me with an empty stomach. Can I make an omelet for you? Really? Thanks mom. God bless you. You fed me. Zeynep, show me in that picture, where is daddy? Zeynep, wave now, let's go to sleep. Wave to daddy. Wave to grandpa, grandpa is over there. - Grandpa is on the balcony. - Grandpa is on the balcony. Knock on the glass and wave to grandpa. What type of yogurt is this? Strained? - Yes, strained. - C'mon Zeynep, hold my hand, we're going to bed. If you want, I can put her to sleep. Please, you help Cüneyt pack so that I don't have to do that too. - Sure, we'll do it together. Cüneyt, you can do it, can you? - Why, of course I will do it. I will help Cüneyt. - 5-6 t-shirts for 5-6 days. Okay, then I won't do the packing. Underwear, socks and flip-flops. Take a Converse as well. One of the straps of my flip-flops came off. I'll buy a pair there. - You already have two pairs here. - Okay then. Hold my hand, let's go to bed. Say good night. Look now, the TV will go to sleep too. Where is it? Where is it? Where is the big remote? Not that one, the other one. I don't know where it is. - I'm tired of looking for stuff in this house... Oh, it's here! The TV is going to sleep. It's asleep now! Good night. Hold my hand, love. Wave to grandma. I love you. Mom, can you bring us... - I'll prepare milk. - Yes, 180. - Ok, I'll prepare 180. Wave good night to daddy, daddy is eating. He'll come later. What happened? But I'm eating. You want me to come too? No, no, daddy is eating. You hold my hand, Zeynep. - Ok, come here. Come, let's clean you. You take us to the room. - Bye-bye grandpa. - Then, you can slip off. Hug daddy. I'm preparing milk, 180. - Yes, yes. Shall we change her diaper? - Of course. Her room got very cool. - C'mon... what happened? The room is cold. Should I put some leggings on her tonight? I feel cold. Yes, it's a little cold tonight. - I'll put leggings on her. She doesn't cover herself, so she'd better sleep with leggings. It's okay. We're putting on nice clothes now. Which t-shirt should we put on? Let's wear the frog one again. - Frog? - Did someone say frog? Did she poop? - Yeah! Good girl! - Well done, my birdie. She has pooped all over. - Let's switch places. God bless you my love. - Do you need anything? - Give me some wet wipes. Should we wash her? - No, I'll wipe her. I hope my birdie's teeth begin to come soon. Where is the frog? What is the frog doing? Are you sleepy? Did Yumuk meow? - Cüneyt, check on that poor thing. What is Yumuk doing? What now? What are you doing? What happened? Shall I look in your mouth? - Mommy, mommy. My darling. - Don't bite, no! Hold now my love. Don't bite, girl. What am I doing to you? - Are there more? Just give me another one. What am I doing to you? Open your tummy. Mommy. - Will I do it? - Mommy. - You want mommy to do it? Do it, mommy. - There was a wet wipe there, where is it? Is it good? Daddy. Mommy. Daddy. Mommy. Wait, love... Let's clean and dry your bum. What is the green frog doing? What do we do with an apple? We eat it, yummy. We also eat the carrots, right? Başak, the food is here, all is here. - Thanks. I have another question for you. Did you see a duck? Mom, she pooped a lot. - What, darling? - She pooped a lot. - Oh, really? When did she do it? - Probably, after she ate, while she was running around. The room was cold. I'll make her wear leggings. - But it gets warm quickly. Well still, she'd better wear the leggings. - I agree. Ah, what is this, what is this? What's that girl doing? - Parachutist girl. Where is the parachutist's hair? That's your hair. Did you throw that too, my love? Are you sleepy? - Wait, I should have snapped this first. Zeyno, you're really baffling mommy! We should have snapped the bodysuit first. We forgot. Come my love. Hug mommy. You're not gonna put this on her, right? I'd better not. - Yeah don't, she'll sweat a lot. - Yes, we've exaggerated. I'll keep her socks on. No, no! Where is the teddy bear? What's the dog doing? - Woof. - Okay, can you show me the rabbit, where is the rabbit? Where are the carrots? No, those are flowers. What are those Zeynep? Apples. How do we eat apples? - Yum. Cüneyt, I'll go wash my hands. - Should I start giving her the milk? - No, I'll do it. Otherwise, she won't come to me. - Of course, she will, why wouldn't she? - She won't leave you. Can you show me the green cat? The green cat. Yes. And there is the yellow cat. Zeynoş, c'mon, wave bye-bye to daddy. - Shall I give you your food? She will have her food and then go to sleep. Okay then, where is Zeynep's food? - Go to mommy now. Come to mommy. Cüneyt, can you turn off that lamp with the long cord? Good night.

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Posted by: globallives on Aug 19, 2014

Basak feeds her baby.

This is part of a 24-hour recording of a day in the life of Basak Taner, a pharmaceutical delivery person in Istanbul, Turkey. Produced by Mutlu Vrysopoulos, Onur Aldogan, Huseyin Kok, Orhan Caliskan, Mert Aldogan, Semih Gur, Suphi Uzun and Muhammed Genc, this video is part of the Global Lives Project, a video library of life experience.

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