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2366 How to create Easy Read information

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Hello, and welcome to our guide for creating easy read information. You might be thinking about creating easy read documents because you work with people With learning disabilities or because you recognise your responsibility To make reasonable adjustments to the way you do business so that people can access Written information about your services and products more easily. Easy read uses both words and pictures which work together to help more people understand. So, what can you do to make a great easy read document? Let's start with the words. Always think about your audience. Are you writing for children or adults? And why do they need Easy Read documents? Knowing this, will help you much more effective documents. The words you use must be easy to understand. This means that you should use simple everyday language and numbers rather than difficult words. And you shouldn’t use jargon or abbreviations. If you have to use difficult words, define what they mean using easy words. Keep your sentences short. More than 15 words is harder to read. Be consistent. Use the same words and phrases; There really is no need to say the same thing in lots of different ways. Use Images to help illustrate the main points in your text. You don't need to use images for every word, just pick out the main points that you want to emphasise. Decide whether a drawing, photo or symbol shows the meaning best, but make sure that any image is clear Isn’t distorted and is big enough to see. You can also really help people by thinking about the layout and style of your document. Use large print with ideally a 16 point font and separate the information clearly. Clear type faces that use letters like this are much easier to read. Try Century Gothic or Comic Sans. Your pictures should usually go on the left And each sentence or new idea should be on a separate line with the space between the lines. Start and finish sentences on the same page and keep long words together on the same line. Have clear headings and if appropriate, a list of contents. Your key points should be in a logical order. Do use a mixture of capitals and small letters, but don’t put whole words in block capitals. Use bold to highlight important points but don’t use italics or underlining. And please keep your documents short. Anything more than 20 pages is really much too long. Lastly, and before you start using your documents, check them out with people from your target audience.

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2366 How to create Easy Read information

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