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¿como mejorar el ambiente escolar?

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How to improve the school environment? by Lorena Miranda Caipa Mauren HOUSE RULES 1. Avoid swearing or inappropriate behavior have 2. Taking turns to speak. 3. Eat only at recess 4. Place trash in their bins or containers. 5. Not talking with gum in your mouth. 6. Do not talk when a colleague brings information. 7. Not taking the belongings of their peers without your permission. 8. Ability to work in a group and not isolated from their peers. 9. Solve problems by talking, not arguing or fighting. 10. Do not make fun of their peers and their teachers. No name calling. STUDENT RIGHTS 1. Receive an adequate education. 2. Receive good treatment by the school staff. 2. Receive good treatment by the school staff. 4. Such facilities are optimal for proper use. 5. Respect their religion, political beliefs and freedom of expression. 6. First aid servicing when required. 7. Provide security during disasters or emergencies. 8. Demanding respect from their peers. 9. Right to participate as a volunteer in school activities. 10. Right to their academic performance is evaluated with full objectivity. DUTIES OF STUDENTS AT SCHOOL 1. Attend punctually to school 2. Presented in proper uniform 3. Participate in activities of the school 4. Respect the schedule of classes and other activities of the institution. 5. Abide by the directions of their teachers. 6. Respect their peers 7. Being a partner with their teachers and peers. 8. Caring and make good use of the school facilities 9. Greet teachers, school staff and other students. 10. Maintain proper behavior in the classroom. Reflection: If we implement each of these guidelines probably going to have a better living and so will learn much better Thanks for your attention

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Posted by: maurenlorena on Mar 16, 2013

este video muestra la importancia de mantener un buen clima escolar.

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