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Jamila Jad - Beirut, Lebanon - Arabic (Global Lives Project, 2009) ~12:30:07 - 12:45:07

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Goose. Ameen. As for... As for the decorating team, they decorated the city with banners that display the emblems of the city of Zahla and the nation of Lebanon. And at night the clusters of lights are lit. Samer. In every corner you can hear music being played by the city's bands. And the stamping of the young meen... Men... -And the goorls... -No. -The girls! -The girls. The girls... Moving to the soul-stirring music and the folk dancers. -Either me... -Is that 'either' or 'as for'? -And as for... -As for. And as for me, I was moving to the sound of the flute in enjoyment. Ok, we've finished reading the paragraph, let's now get out. Our exercise books on the desk... Exercise book. Come on, quickly please! Give me your book, please, Farah. Miss. Yes, Reneem. What page? I'll open the book and tell you which page. Put your homework in your bags. Miss, shall we put our reading book in our bag? Yes. Page 131. Open to number two, please. Come on, Jamila! Let's open to number two on page 129. Page one hundred and twenty-nine. We know this exercise well, don't we? -Yes. -Yes. What do we have to do here? Put the words in order. We have to put the words in order, Maryam, to get what? A correct sentence. A sentence that is complete in meaning. -In twos? -Yes, Lara. In twos, work together to think of the question. Come on, quickly! Sit next to Maryam, Reemy. Khalid, there's no-one sitting next to you. Rafa'i, please sit next to Khalid and work with him, quick! Muhammad Sit next to Rafa'i, Khalid, come on! Noise, I don't want to hear loud voices in the class. Miss, miss! Yes, what? Aya. Miss, what page now? -Miss, what page? -Ok, Ok, come on now, Ok. The word we write, what do we do with it? -Line... -We cross the word out with a line. Miss. Muhammad, work together with Ibrahim, please? Fatima, come on, you start. Right, right, right. The word we write, we cross it through, Khalid. Can I clean the board? -Yes. -Ok. Miss, this page here? Yes, Bara. One day passed and the day of the festival is approaching. We've got one more minute to check the answers, come on. If we have finished the first sentence, let's think about the second. The second on the next page? Come on! -Miss. -Yes. No. Wrong. Miss. We've finished the first sentence. Ok, start the second, quick. -Miss. -Yes, Reneem. There's no verb, Fadl. Good, Nancy, very good, write. There are words missing, yes Muhammad. When my friend comes, I go to his house. What do we put at the end of the sentence, Muhammad? .Full stop. -Full stop. Enough, all right. We're going to check the first sentence together. We're going to check the first sentence together on the board. Come on. Mahmood, can you come up to the board? Come on, come up. Here's the chalk. Maryam. Is that the first word in the sentence? -Is approaching... -Please, let's pay attention to our colleague at the board. Is approaching. -Is approaching, is approaching. -Is approaching. Now we'll do them together. Come on. -Maryam. Is approaching... - Word by word, is approaching... What is approaching? -Day. -Day... -What day? -The day of the festival. -The day of the festival. Yes, the festival. -Is building... -Comma. What comes next? -Is building... -Is building... Word by word. Is building. -The word is excitement. -Shhh. -Thank you, Fatima, excitement. Excitement. We are getting very excited. -Is building... -Omar, in our city. In our city. -Are filled... -Are filled... What comes next? -And our hearts are filled... -And our hearts are filled... And our hearts are filled with... Joy. And our hearts are filled with joy. Full stop. -Don't forget what we put at the end of the sentence... -Full stop. No, no we don't, we don't forget the full stop, Ameen. Ameen, you especially always forget the full stop. He doesn't like it. But the full stop likes you a lot, Ameen. It's always looking for you, come on now. Let's think, come on Jamila, do the second sentence with me. The second sentence on pg. 130. Come on! Let's think about the second sentence. -Miss -Come on, let's see who knows the answer, who will be the first student to get this sentence? -Miss -Miss, there's a word... Miss. Yes, what? -Was opened... -Opened... -No, was opened... -Was opened. -Correct, go on. Go on, you're right. Come on, Farah, think, was opened... What was opened? -The festival. -The festival. -The festival. Shh... Let's think, enough. Abdulrahman, let your friends think, please. Well done... What do we do with the word we write? We put a line through it so we don't write it again. -Miss -Nasrat, I'm coming to you. Come on. Abd, give me a rubber. With pride... Ok. Let's correct the second sentence. Come on, Muhammad, up to the board. The first word, Jamila, let's listen to Jamila, what's the first word? The festival was opened... - Was opened... Wipe off the sentence, Muhammad. Let's correct the second sentence, let's go. Write clearly, Yumna, ok? Come on... Was opened... What was opened? -The festival. -The festival. The festival, with what? -With a speech. -With a speech. -With a speech. Delivered by... -Welcoming. Before delivered comes welcoming speech, right? The mayor of what was welcoming? -Of the city. -Of the city. Welcoming speech by... What did he do? -The mayor. -Was delivered by. Comma. Mayor. The mayor. Give me the rubber. Was delivered by... Was delivered by the mayor. Was delivered by... Mayor. -Of the city... -The mayor of what? -The municipality... -Here they didn't write municipality, what did they write in its place? -The city. -The city. The mayor of the city. -That means the city of Zahla -With pride... With pride... What does pride mean? With politeness, dignity and respect. Bravo, well done, let's go on. Come on, then. With pride... What do we put at the end of the sentence, Muhammad? -Full stop. -Full stop, well done. Yes, Farah? -We can't do that now. -Miss. -Miss, shall we get our pencils out? With pride, full stop, come on. Who has finished the question? Let's finish what we started yesterday, Wednesday, what number did we get to yesterday? -Five. -Five, ok. Let's all think about number five, please. -What pronoun did we get to? -They. -They. -Come on, let's finish it, then. -After they, you. -He. -She. Pride, correct. He, we wrote he, hmmm... She, he, they... Now, you... We write you. Miss. When we're finished and your friends are finished we'll correct it together on the board. Yes, copy them from her, come on, Lara. Ivan. Yes, Muhammad. Come on, let's finish number five, go on Muhammad, quickly Lara. Finish sharpening your pencil and go back to your place, please. Time is up. -Has everyone finished with the board? -Yes. Study well for Saturday. Study well for Saturday, ok? Until we meet again. Until we meet again. Miss. Miss. Miss. Go back to your places, please, to your places, please.

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Duration: 15 minutes
Country: Lebanon
Language: Arabic
Producer: GLP- Lebanon
Director: Irene Herrera, Ron Carr
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Posted by: glplebanon on Jun 12, 2009

Jamila at school.

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