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XV - Week 1

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We will do anything short of sin to reach people who do not know Christ. We will not continue to do what used to work, we will do new things to reach new people. If that offends you then please go somewhere else. To reach people that no one is reaching, you have to do things that no one is doing. For the past 15 years and until Christ returns, we will have one mission at LifeChurch. If you know it, would all of you at all of our locations say it aloud? "Our mission is to lead people to become fully-devoted followers of Christ." In one statement, that's what we're about. If you are new with us and didn't know it, let's join our voices and say it together, what is our mission? At LifeChurch, our mission is to: "Lead people to become fully-devoted followers of Christ." Today, as we give God honor for what He's done over the past 15 years, I also want to look ahead to the future. But sometimes, in order to know where you are going, it's helpful to know where you've come from. So, what I want to do today is very simple, I want to tell you a little bit of my story. If you've been with us for 15 years, you've probably heard it 15 times. You'll hear it 15 more times, sorry, it's the only story I have! Secondly, I want to read some Scripture from Luke, Chapter Five, that really captures the essence of who we are and our philosophy of doing ministry as a church. And then, what I want to do is I want to share with you some values, that although all sorts of things will change in the next decade and to come, these values will never, ever change. Then, I will tell you what's coming up in the next year and then we will see a lot of lives changed. A little bit of my story will help you understand the context and philosophy of this church. When I was growing up our family, we went to church quite often, but I did not understand the Gospel, didn't understand. For me, my memories of church, they are pretty limited. I remember going to church standing up, sitting down; standing up, sitting down; standing up, sitting down; standing up, sitting down; over and over and over again, it was like an aerobics class! I remember singing verses one, two and four of the hymn songs; never three, I don't know what's wrong with three to this day, but we never sang three! I remember passing notes to girls, I remember playing truth or dare in the back of the church van going on ski trips, I remember being bored in church. I don't remember much beyond that, and I didn't understand the Gospel. Late in high school and early in college, I did what a lot of you guys did. I stepped into a very wild and very sinful life. How many of you know sin can be fun for a little while and then it kicks your butt after awhile? I was in the butt-kicking season of sin, where all of my sinfulness was catching up to me and life got very hard. I was playing sports in college, I was in a fraternity and we got in a lot of trouble. I got caught doing something illegal, several of our fraternity members got caught committing grand larceny; I wasn't one of those, but I did other things. Our fraternity was in jeopardy of losing our chapter and I was the Vice President at the time, hurting for my own sin and so I was curious about God, didn't really know what to believe; but disguised as a PR move, I started a Bible study. Now, all of my fraternity brothers were like, "Groeschel, what's gotten into you, you weirdo! A Bible Study?" I said, "Yes, we are going to do this!" And so, it was a Tuesday, and I was going from one class to another and I realized, we're starting a Bible study tonight and I don't have a Bible! And so I just said, "God, I'm not even sure if you're there, but if you are, I need a Bible can you help me?" And God as my witness, after leaving my Econ class going to my next one, there was an older gentleman from an organization called, the Gideons, who just said, "Young man, would you like a free Bible?" And I was like, "Wow! Wow! Would I ever!" And I took that Bible and I was like, "God, that's cocky! I mean just right on time!" So that night, I took this little green New Testament Gideon Bible, and opened it up to Matthew One. Couldn't figure out why everyone else had Genesis in their first book and all I had was Matthew! With a bunch of party guys, we started reading the Bible ever Tuesday night. Our prayers, I've got to be honest with you, there's no lie to this; we didn't know what we were doing, we'd pray at the end of our Bible study, "Oh God, protect us as we go partying this weekend. Keep us safe God as we party...God, help my friend's girlfriend not be pregnant. We pray that you'd protect them from getting pregnant." Honest to goodness, that's all we knew to pray. I just started reading the Bible; Matthew, Mark, Luke, and when I got to Ephesians, Chapter Two, God did something that no one can ever take away. I read, 'For it is by grace that you are saved, it's not by works, so no man could boast, it is the gift of God.' I read that and I thought, could that be true? Could God take someone who has done as many bad things as I, could He forgive me and give me that gift? And I left the Bible study that night, climbed out a window because the room was so full, went out across the campus to a softball field, got down on my face and I just prayed, "God, if that's true, I want it!" And I'm here to tell you, I knelt down one person and when I stood up off of that field I was a different person, transformed by Christ. Transformed completely, beyond a shadow of a doubt. And so, people say when were you called to ministry? At that moment, I'm telling you at that moment everything changed, I knew all I wanted to do was serve Christ. And so, I had a burden that became bigger and bigger, to start a church where people like me, who didn't understand the Gospel could come and understand who Christ is and what He did. That burden grew and grew and grew, until LifeChurch started 15 years ago on this weekend. Luke, Chapter Five, to me captures in so many ways the essence of who we are as a church. He tells a story when Jesus was calling His very first disciples and He called a guy who is recorded as Levi, this is also the same guy as Matthew, interchangeable. Here's what it says, Luke 5:27-28: After this, Jesus went out and saw a tax collector by the name of Levi sitting at his booth. "Follow me," Jesus said to him, and Levi got up, left everything and followed Jesus. Luke 5:27-28 Now, in those two verses there is more power-packed truth than you could ever imagine. First of all, Jesus goes to a tax collector. Now, you need to understand that tax collectors were the most despised and hated people during the lifetime of Jesus and here's why: They had license to steal, there was no email, there wasn't mail, letters, any way to document what you owed on taxes. So, a tax collector could come to you and let's say you owed a thousand dollars. The tax collector could say, "Ah, according to our records, you owe $1,400.00." And you couldn't argue because they were there to take your taxes. So they would take the $1,400.00, they'd pocket the four, they'd turn in the $1,000.00. So you could imagine how much everybody hated them. They were ranked in society on the same level as murderers and thieves. Tax collectors, check this out, they were not even allowed into the synagogues to worship. Imagine, it's like a "Your not allowed into church" sign. The Pharisees hated them so much that they wouldn't let the robe or the hem of their garments even rub up against the leg of a tax collector. So, here's what Jesus does. The Son of God selecting His Twelve to change the world. One of the very first men that Jesus called was one of the last people on earth that anyone would have ever expected that He would have called. That is good news! One of the very first disciples that Jesus calls was one of the last people that anyone would have ever expected for Him to call. And that is very good news for many of you! It is! Because I'm telling you, there are a lot of you right now that your friends would think, 'There's no way you are ever going to go for God! I mean, after your past and what you've done and where you've been, you could never make a big difference!' And I'm telling you, God specializes in taking people that others overlook to do things that others couldn't even imagine for His Kingdom and His glory. Jesus calls one of the last guys that anyone ever would have expected to be one of the first guys to change the world. And so, what does this tax collector do? He doesn't step into some kind of milk-toast, kind of feel good, cultural Christianity where, "Okay, I'll go to church whenever I can and whenever I'm in town and I will drop a few dollars in the plate." No, this radical guy leaves his lifestyle, leaves his career, leaves everything, full- on, all-in, hold nothing back, radical commitment to this guy who claims to be the Son of God and he leaves everything to follow Him. Jesus changes his life, like Jesus changed mine. And so, Levi throws a great big party and wants all of his wild friends to know the Christ that changed his life. Here's what happened, verse 29: Then Levi held a great banquet for Jesus at his house, and a large crowd of tax collectors (the worst of the worst and the lowest of the low) came together and were eating there with Jesus and others. But the Pharisees and the teachers of the law who belonged to their sect complained to (Jesus) his disciples, "Why do you eat and drink with tax collectors and sinners? Here's what you need to understand; whenever you befriend sinners, you always offend Pharisees, every time. You hang out with the wrong type of people and the religious folk get offended. Whenever you befriend sinners you offend Pharisees. And here's a promise that you need to know as the church. We will be a church that will offend Pharisees over and over and over again, because we will befriend sinners, because that is what Christ did. We will be a friend of sinners, it doesn't matter what you've done. In fact, whenever I go to campuses in different states to visit and do vision nights, I always ask the pastor; "Who is going to be here tonight that was the worst sinner? I want to meet him!" I love that! And I was outside of Nashville, Tennessee; meeting with our great campus in Hendersonville under the leadership of Pastor Chuck Denny. I said, "Chuck, tell me..." He said, "Oh, hands down, the worst guy here was a guy named Gary. He said, "Gary was so bad, all of these people from our church were trying to get him to come to church. He was messed up more than you could imagine, tremendous alcohol problem. The first time Gary came he was so drunk," Chuck said; "I was asking for volunteers for LifeStock, 'Would anybody volunteer?' And Gary was so drunk, he raised his hand going, 'I'll do it!' And then, this drunk guy stumbled up to the front, climbed up onto the platform, put his arm around Pastor Chuck and said, 'I'm on here, anything you need I'll do it!'" I like that! The sad news is, Gary got so sick from his alcohol problem; I mean, we are talking severe alcohol problem, that he went to the hospital, turned yellow, his liver was messed up and the doctor said, "I don't think he's going to make it." Chuck, and others from the campus went to visit with him, kept praying for him, kept praying for him. And on what they thought was his death bed, they led Gary to know Christ. They started praying for a miracle and God gave them a miracle. Gary came out and he was so transformed, so totally different, his girlfriend was like, "Who are you and what have you done with my old boyfriend that was abusive?" And she gave her life to Christ at the church! Gary's mom said, "I can't believe what happened to my son." She wasn't a Christian and she came to church, gave her life to Christ and I've never seen anything like this! I'm out there and I'm talking. In my notes, I have little notes in my Bible, I just wrote in there, drunk Gary, so I could remember his name. And so, without even thinking, I just said, "Hey, is drunk Gary in church today?" I shouldn't have called him drunk Gary, but I did! He's not drunk now, but he was. And he raised his hand up and he said, "I'm Gary." I looked right at him and I said, "Drunk Gary, I want you to know that this church exists for you! When we started this church, we had people like you in mind." His mom was right next to him and she threw her arms up toward the Heavens and said, "Thank you God for what you've done in my family's life!" And at that moment, the whole campus, everybody there stood up and started worshiping and praising God. I want you to know, right now drunk Gary, I'm talking to you, I love you, this church was for you, everyone like you. Jesus befriended sinners, I am a sinner, we are all sinners, he came for you! That's what we are about! And we see this all over Scripture. The Pharisees were like, 'Why you hanging out with sinners?' Here's what Jesus said in verse 31-33, He answered them: "It's not the healthy who need a doctor," But whom? 'It's the sick!' He said: 'I have not come to call the righteous,' But whom? 'I've come to call sinners to repentance.' I don't know if there are any sinners here today, but I want you to know that you are welcome here. Whatever your sin is, whatever your background, however dark it's been, however unworthy you feel, you are welcome here! Come to Christ, come to Christ as you are! Come, baby come with all of your sins! But, I will tell you, we won't leave you there because we will call you to repentance. What is repentance? "Re" means, to turn back to; "pent" is that which is the highest. We will turn from the lower ways of sin, to the higher ways of God. We will step out of darkness, into the light. You will go from death to life and you will be transformed when you come as you are and you meet the risen Son of God who will not leave you as you are, because our mission at LifeChurch; say it with me, it is to lead people to become fully-devoted followers of Christ. What are our values? Let me share a few. We say these all of the time behind the scenes with our staff: 1.) We will do anything short of sin to reach people who do not know Christ. In order to reach people that no one is reaching, we will have to do things that no one is doing. I promise you that we will change the method, but the message will never change. On the very first week, I stood in a little two-car garage with about 40 people. Thankfully, there was a dance mirror that made them look like 80, which built my faith like you wouldn't believe! I held a hand-held microphone and I preached like fire! And God even used a man wearing pleated khaki pants, which just proves that God can use anybody! I preached on Acts 2:38-42, and verse 42 says: And the LORD added to their number daily those who were being saved. And with that little group in that little two-car garage, I became so emotional and I just said; "Could you imagine what it would be like if we saw, through our church daily, people coming to Christ daily! That would be seven people a week!" And on that week, we saw seven people raise their hands and I said to that little church, "I promise you, there will be a day when one person a day will come to Christ! That will be seven people a week!" I said, "How many will that be a year? Somebody quickly do the math! Do the math!" And somebody said, "About 365!" I was like, "Yeah, exactly, that's what I meant to say! That's what I meant to say!" And everybody laughed like you and I took the little mic and I said, "I promise you there will be a day where there's 365 people a year that give their lives to Christ!" And I had no idea, that last weekend, on the first weekend of the year, there would be over 700 people surrender their lives to Christ! I can't even get my mind around that! Seven hundred! One, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine, ten, twenty, thirty, forty, fifty, sixty, seventy, eighty, ninety, one hundred, two hundred, three hundred, four hundred, five hundred, six hundred lives changed for the glory of God! Generations that will be different because Christ is risen. We will do anything short of sin! You need to know that. We will do Bible studies in bars, yes we will! We will do micro-missions, we'll pay people to come to church! I'm telling you, we'll do video church. Can you do video church? Is that legal? Does that work? I don't know! Seems to. We'll take church online, we'll leverage technology, we will do anything short of sin to reach people who do not know Christ. In order to reach people no one is reaching, we will try things no one has tried before. 2.) We are all about the capital "C" Church. We believe that hands down, that the local church is the hope of the world and we know we can accomplish infinitely more together than apart. We will be a unifying force in the Church, capital "C". It's not about LifeChurch, we are a very small part in God's very big plan and we believe the Church is God's hope of the world; therefore, we will be a unifying force. We will do things, like God amazingly used us to assemble over 2,000 churches in One Prayer. We will give stuff away and give stuff away to empower churches just like every Network Church with us right now in countries around the world, all 125 of you. You are a part of this story and we love to partner with you. When another church preaches the Gospel, we are for them! We don't need to pick anybody apart, we will be known for what we are for, not what we are against, because there are already enough jerks in this world as it is! We are all about the capital "C" Church, because we know the local church is the hope of the world. 3.) As a church, we are spiritual contributors, not spiritual consumers. We believe the church does not exist for us, but we are the church and we exist for the world. We don't go around trying to, some people church hop and flop and drop and.. "I'm looking for a church that meets my needs." We believe that's the most unbiblical and unchristlike statements we could make. We don't look for a church that meets our needs. We don't even go to a church, we are the Church and we are here to meet the needs of the world. What happens inside the building is not the purest form of the church, the church is built up by the Word of God in worship, and is unleashed onto the world. And I'm telling you, don't you dare tell me this church is too big! Don't you ever get anywhere close to me and say, "This church is too big!" As long as there is one lost person, or one hurting person in the community in which we live, this place is not too big. Don't you dare go get selfish Christianity all over you! Listen, I'm telling you, you want a small church? God Bless you! Go, great small churches everywhere! Great small churches! Just don't you dare get in there and love your small church so much that you don't ever reach anybody for Christ, so you're church can stay small! You have a vision to reach out to people, the church is never, ever too big when there are people who do not know Christ. We are not consumers, we are contributors. We are the Church and we are here for the world. 4.) We will lead the way with irrational generosity, we will; because we truly believe it is more blessed to give than to receive. We will give like crazy, and we will give and we will give and we will give more. In fact, in the last two weeks; it's amazing to me, the YouVersion Bible app created by your team at our church, we gave away over one million Bibles in the last two weeks, every 1.7 seconds around the clock, someone is downloading a free Bible. Every 1.7 seconds; bop, bop, bop, again all day long! People all of the time say, "Will you sell it? Millions of dollars, we will buy it!" Why don't you monetize it? Do ads, sell it for ninety-nine cents." Let me tell you what, it is not for sale. Why? Because 24 years ago, somebody gave me a free Bible that changed my life. My Bible is not for sale. We will give it away again, and again, and again, and again. We will serve the body of Christ with free resources. I'm telling you, you guys are so generous it's astonishing. Pastors ask me all of the time, "How do you get your people to give like that?" "I don't know!" I think you guys just drank the Kool-Aid and you believe it is more blessed to give than to receive. As a church, we made resources available, sermons, videos, videos for kids, videos for student ministry, our messages, transcripts, on and on and on, we had over 50,000 churches. Think about that, that's more churches than we'll have people combined at all of our campuses! More churches than people who will worship this weekend, use three quarter's of a million free resources last year. We will lead the way with irrational generosity, because we do believe it is blessed to give. 5.) You need to know that we are faith-filled, big-thinking, bet-the -farm risk takers. We will never insult God with safe thinking or small living. We are faith-filled, big-thinking, bet-the-farm risk takers. We will never insult Him with small thinking or safe living. If you are new and you say, "Man, we're here at 15 years!" Let me tell you what, welcome to the beginning! I'm dead serious, you are in on the ground floor of a movement that only God could do. This is the very beginning, this is the introduction, we're not even in chapter one yet. The foundation is being built for something that God wants to do everywhere and we are going to think big. The media and other people, they will try to put onto us a term that I despise. They are going to say, "Well, LifeChurch is a mega-church." Don't buy it, don't believe it, don't internalize it; we are not a mega-church. What is mega? Big, successful, fat, slow, inward looking. When you compare the need to the people that we are reaching, the need is mega. We are micro, we are a start-up church, we are only 15 years old baby, we barely even hit puberty yet! We are going to get a little hair under our arm right now! Our voice is just now changing! We are a micro church, with a mega vision. We just believe what Jesus said, 'To go into all the world and preach the Gospel, and that doesn't mean just our neighborhood. We are a little start-up organization, a micro church with a mega vision. Let me tell you what we are going to try to do next year, and I will just be honest, this is faith-filled, big-thinking, bet-the-farm, impossible in the natural to do. I'm telling you, I've done the numbers, I know. So, here's what we are going to try to do, and I'm just going to tell you about buildings and campuses, because that's how I have to think up at this level of leadership, and then I will tell you why it excites me. At the Edmond campus, we've got kids everywhere. Edmond, Oklahoma, they meet almost in closet; so we are building them a big-kid's wing for Edmond. In Wellington, Florida, Southern Florida; we've got the most on-fire, evangelistic, diverse group of people meeting in a school. We own a piece of land, our goal by faith, now just a faith goal, I pray it happens, to build them a building from the ground up this year in Florida. In Owasso, one of our newest campuses; over a thousand people, massively on fire! I was there three weeks ago, meeting in a little- bitty elementary school, turning people away because it's so full! We own a building there, on a piece of land there, we hope to build them a building this year. Crazy, I know! Tulsa, we have three campuses there turning people away, at all three, they are so full. We are going to build a fourth from the ground up, by faith, start a new campus in Broken Arrow, Oklahoma this year. And in my community where we've got several campuses overflowing, we own a building that we are going to try to build out, raise the leaders, and start another new campus in Midwest City, Oklahoma this year. I'm telling you right now, that's a lot to do! And I believe by faith, although it's totally impossible in the natural, I believe we are going to pay cash for all of it, just like we paid cash for everything last year. You say, "Craig, how are we going to do that?" My answer is, I haven't figured that out yet! I don't know! I mean, it's like, the numbers do not work on paper, nowhere close, but I just kind of believe that we serve that kind of crazy God, that He honors big faith and big vision. Now, to be just dead honest with you, when I talk about this stuff, I feel no emotion when I say, build a building. Buildings annoy me, they cost money, take time; so therefore we don't build them big, we keep them small, we keep them simple, and we use the fire out of them, five or six, or seven times on a weekend! That's our philosophy. I will tell you why Amy and I gave a huge offering last week to Spaces and Places, that's what we use to fund new campuses. The reason we did it is not because I care about buildings, but because I know, in Edmond there will be a little boy whose Grandmother has been praying for him to receive Christ because his parents are not Christians. And I know that at Edmond there will be a little boy in the new place who will meet Christ. In Wellington, I know there will be a guy addicted to pornography, who will watch the building go up, will take a chance on it, will go in and he's been a lousy dad, he's been a lousy husband; he will meet Christ and there will be generations of his family that will be different. I know that in Owasso, there will be a marriage that would not have made it, and another marriage fall victim to divorce and will hear the story and will celebrate when a marriage is totally healed. And I believe by faith, in Broken Arrow, that some kid will walk into SWITCH, our student ministry, be totally transformed, give his life to Christ, be called into full-time ministry, and I believe that out of that campus, he will do more one day for the glory of God than I've ever even dreamed of doing! And I believe with all of my heart, in Midwest City, there are a bunch of drunk Garys all over Midwest City. And drunk Garys, we are coming for you! We love you and people will be different! When I think about that, I get excited about doing what God has called us to do. We've got a mission, say it with me: "It is to lead people to become fully-devoted followers of Christ." If you ever want to insult me, hurt me, offend me, or make me start swinging in the air, just ask me; "Craig," some people do this sometimes, "When are you going to go somewhere else? When are you going to go do something else?" That's like saying, "When are you going to leave your wife? When are you going to abandon your kids?" That's the biggest insult. I said it 15 years ago, "This is my Chazown, for this I was created." You couldn't drag me away from here with a band of wild horses! This is what I was created to do. It's gets me so...I cried all of the way through worship like a baby, like "How am I going to....." you have no idea how emotional this is for our family; because 15 years ago, we took everything we had, I'm talking everything we had, everything we had, everything, and by faith we just went all-in. All-in financially, time, everything, all-in. I told you this a couple of weeks ago because it means so much to me and I will never describe the details, but very specifically in our family, the big-picture way to describe it is all I can tell you, 15 years later, we are all-in again, every bit, holding nothing back. This is the reason God put us on earth and it is my great honor to say the very same thing that the Apostle Paul said in Acts, Chapter 20, when he said: 'I consider my life worth nothing to me'; zero, zip, it doesn't matter. If I may finish the race and complete the task the Lord Jesus has called me to and that task is testifying to the Gospel of God's grace, that He could take someone as full of sin as I was, accept me, transform me, and allow me to bring His name glory, my life is worth nothing, if only I may preach the risen Christ. Our mission, say it, is to lead people to become fully-devoted followers of Christ. Father thank you, may you get all of the honor, all of the honor, every bit of glory and credit for what you've done; this is your church God. At all of our locations, some of you, you are so all-in it's just the greatest! You are all-in! You see it, you know, you died to yourself, your life is to please Christ, you believe in the power of the church, you're fully in. Others of you, you are kind of hanging out. You believe in Jesus, but you go to church. You go to church, you go home and you go on with your life. What I want to do is ask you, "Will you join me in being all-in? Sometimes a church will do something for its pastor on an anniversary, I want you to do something for me, I'm going to choose my gift. I want you to go all-in with me. There's no greater cause on earth than the cause of the risen Christ through His Church. All-in, all-in, existing to bring Him glory; not going to church, being His Church in the world. All of our locations, those of you who would say, "You know what? I'm all-in and I just want to say it!" Or, "I've kind of been partly in, but I want to go all-in, I want to be a part of a movement, a last-days Kingdom rally when Christ is glorified and lives by the thousands are changed. I'm going all-in baby!" Would you lift up your hands right now? Just, all of our campuses, those of you who would say, "Yes, absolutely!" God, I thank you for those who are. God, I thank you, I pray that your Holy Spirit would seal them at this moment. I pray God that they would see their Chazown; their vision, their gifts. I pray they would use their gifts in your Church to be the Church, not in the building but in the world oh God. I pray that they would lead LifeGroups and they would disciple children, and there would be mentoring and we would have Paul's and we would have Timothy's. And God, there would be spiritual fruit and there would be people born into your Kingdom. And God, I pray for every Christian that didn't raise their hand. God, I pray that they would go to another church where they could fully be all-in; or God, you would convict them to be all-in here. But I pray, oh God, there would be no one that claims the name of your son that could sit on the side lines and watch the game being played. God, I pray that your spirit would convict them to give their lives for the cause of Christ somewhere and be all-in for your glory. As you continue praying today; all of our locations, no body looking around, let me just tell you, there are a bunch of you, you're "drunk Garys" and I'm so glad you're here! I am so thankful you're here! Or, some of you are kind like I was, you grew up around the church, you kind of knew the story. I knew the story of Jesus, I just didn't know it in my heart. I intellectually had some understanding, but I thought I was supposed to be religious or go to church. I didn't understand that Christianity is not as much of a religion as it is a relationship, that Jesus died to reveal the Father to me personally, to forgive my sins, to transform me, to invite me to give my life for a cause. At all of our locations, there are those of you that would say, "You know what, I am not the most likely guy for God to call, but I'm being drawn to Him right now. What is that?" That is the power of the Holy Spirit who brought you here. That is God loving you, just like Jesus reached out to Levi, the person nobody ever thought, He's reaching out to you and He's calling you, leave all the pathetic stuff you've been following and follow Him. Give your life wholly and and completely to Him and when you do, He will forgive every sin you've ever committed, He will make you brand new. I'm not asking you to sign a card, join a church, be a part of a denomination; I'm asking you to leave everything and follow Jesus, all-in, full-on Christianity. You die to yourself, you live for Him. He will save you, He will make you new, you will never be the same. All of our locations, those of you who would say, "That's why I'm here, I'm in Jesus, take my life, I'm a sinner, save me! I leave my sin, I leave my past, I want to know you, I want to follow you, I give my life to you. Holding nothing back, Jesus, I am all-in!" Lift your hands right now, all of our campuses. Lift them up right now and say, "Yes, that's me!" I want to meet you eye-to-eye. Right up here, praise God for you. All four of you together, praise God for you! Right back over here ma'am, thank you! And right over here, God bless you sir. Right here, let me meet you, I want to see you. Both of you holding hands together back here, welcome into the family of God, God impact their lives! Right back here sir, and sir right here. Others of you, let me see you, I want to look you right in the eye. Right back over here and right up here, praise God for you. Others of you, way back here toward the back, "Jesus take all of my life, save me!" Right back over here in this section, thank you! Way back over here toward the back. Others of you, "Transform me, new life!" Right over here in this section. Others of you, call on Him! He is the risen Christ who transforms! "Jesus, take my life, make me new, I'm all-in for you!" All of our locations praying aloud together, everybody join your voices: Heavenly Father, save me from my sins. Forgive me, make me new. Holy Spirit, fill me so I could serve Jesus. Thank you for new life, my life is not my own. I give it to you. I am all-in for your glory. Make my life count. In Jesus' name I pray! For 15 years of transformed lives, would you worship Him, would you praise Him, would you thank God for His goodness!

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15 Year Anniversary

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