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Promoting Wellness & Preventing Fatigue

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Maritime Training Services Inc. In case of any conflict between the requirements shown in the movie and the company's safety management system (SMS), please follow the company's SMS requirements Promoting Wellness & Preventing Fatigue From watch keeping to running drills, to working in the engine room, seafarers are asked to do a lot each day. This puts a strain on our wellness but what does wellness actually mean and why does it matter? Wellness is a lot more than simply not being sick. Wellness is becoming aware of and making choices toward a healthy lifestyle. You are in control of your own wellness. Here are some tips for how to promote wellness in your life. Eat healthy food, such as whole grains, fruits, vegetables and lean proteins. drink a glass of water when you wake up and keep yourself hydrated. Don't sit for too long. The body likes to move. Give it what it needs. Take breaks to refresh your body and mind. Get regular medical checkups, such as an annual physical and age-appropriate tests. Do some sort of stretching each day. Be social. Spend time communicating with friends and family. Get rid of extra stuff you don't need. Try out new activities. Do something nice for someone. Bring positive energy into the room, instead of taking it away. Get seven to nine hours of sleep per night and avoid fatigue. For generations, being a fatigued seafarer was seen as part of the job. If you signed up to be a seafarer, then you signed up to be tired. However, as more and more seafarers recognize the hazards and threats posed by fatigue, this attitude is changing. Here are some tips for how to combat fatigue in your life. Understand the consequences. Fatigue causes depression, obesity, heart disease and other illnesses. Tired people die sooner. Mitigate environmental factors, such as ship motion, temperature, humidity, light, weather and noise. Get enough quality, continual sleep. Six one-hour naps do not have the same benefit as one six-hour period of sleep. Avoid chemicals that affect sleep. Caffeine nicotine and alcohol can all contribute to sleep problems. Take steps to reduce stress, such as those outlined in the wellness section of this program. Seek medical attention if you think you have a sleep disorder. Changing our habits and lifestyle is difficult, however, the benefits are enormous. When we promote wellness and reduce fatigue, we become healthier, live longer, become more productive and look and feel better too.

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Fatugue and Wellness

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