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Edith Kaphuka - Ngwale Village, Malawi - Nyanja (Global Lives Project, 2007) ~16:31:40 - 16:46:41

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Hey! Hey! They just raised it. -Well, they just raised it. The little kid did. -I just raised it. Look at how little Saidi hits the ball. I thought I kicked it! So you just passed it! Memory tripped. Here, pass it this way. Not to that side. Not that side! -Let me dribble it. -Over here! Edith, are you reading tonight? No, this was my paper. From school... -Don't kick it so far. -And not into the bushes. -Just right here. Charles, don't just make us run. But I'm tricking you all. Hey, Memory! Hey... Don't touch it. Leave it, let us have a go at it. Look out for stones. They can cut through your skin. You're holding. Where is it? At least I touched it 3 times. Is that all? I had it a lot. -Me too, many times. Sophia, when you pick it, you should start the game. Wait for now. Hey you! It's because you kick it there on purpose. Carol is getting it so that she can start the game each time. Hey brother! Take it from him. -Leave it on the ground. -Brother. Where are you taking it? I played with it... I'll kick you. Yeah, you're good. He's good, brother. The ball dropped. Hey Charles... A huge crowd of people. -Have you finished?. -No, it's fun. I hear Noel's voice. It's Noel. -He wants someone first... -Have you seen Noel? -Hey... -Edith, he's torn my clothes. -Who? -The one behind me. I'm failing to... guys. Give it to them. Each time I get the ball I'll pass it to you. Got it? I'm going to play a trick on you. You've just kicked it into the bushes. Don't disturb. We should be playing... What? Who? But Vio... Let's go. Oh, I almost fell! You take all day to put your shoes on. You're still not done? I pricked myself when I fell. Have I just tricked you or what? Do you know how to play tricks with the ball? I've tricked you. Memory, pass it to them. Hey, you! -Don't forget. -Crowding. The game crowd. -Someone has farted. -We have a crowd of people at the game. There's always a huge crowd. Hey Charles. Charles, did I single someone out? -I just said someone farted. -Maybe it's Memory. Timothy, are you picking on me? Timothy, you know how to be on point. Timothy. -Tackle me. -My legs are hurting. -It's because of the tricks. Even you, Biswick. ...a husband from right here in my village... I thought you should be going. Let's go with it. Charles, hey Charles. Charles, you're pushing us. We should just step on him. Charles, you're stepping on others. Guys, whoever steps on others will be kicked. Kicked! -Kicked? -Yeah! We'll kick him, whoever steps on others. Pass it here, let me at least kick the ball. Don't be surprised if she gets upset again. There's a numbing sensation. You're so dumb. -Buddy, get your own! -Yours! I need to rest. Memory is... Memory was running away. -You're fast at kicking the ball. -I'm going. Let them go! Ok, see you later. -Has Sunganani left? -Has he left for the day? Juggle it a lot! Whenever I have the ball, you won't see it again. Whoever steps on the ball will get kicked too! But... Memory, they've dribbled past you. Noel... He didn't see it. She says you didn't see how it got passed you. You just realized it passed you. Sida, if you continue holding on to me, I'll hit you. Yes! I've passed all of them. I've passed all of them. -Tickets for toe crushers. -Pass it, Memory. Memory, don't hold it firmly. Memory, hit it hard. Simeon, go and rest for now. Simeon, don't just touch everywhere. Memory, don't touch my clothes. I'm just going to step on him. I'll step on whoever I find, don't be surprised. That's what I'm doing too. I was surprised by that. You're the one stepping on me, right? Simeon's stepping on us. He told me so. She also told me. Hey Simeon, don't let me catch you. Simeon, don't let me catch you. You'll get stepped on. Especially when there's a crowd around. You're a bug aren't you? Go and get some bamboo, you tree bug. Hey Madalo, don't hog the ball! We want to play too! Dalia, I should play too. No, they'll kick your ass. Yeah, let's dribble the ball more. -Let's do it together. -Liar! Let's dribble it high. You'll lose, we better continue tricking you. -How come you're acting crazy? -Oh, go away! Memory, start the ball at the center. Memory, when she notices someone will get the ball, she lifts it up. So she'll just be beaten. This kicking business will be a problem. Cynthia, let me see that. Leave it there, don't pick it up. Pick it up, Noel. Don't you see that it's flat there. You'll hurt yourself over there, Noel. Pick it up. At least I feel good. I'm running away. Guys, there aren't many people here. It's a stampede! Don't allow it. She wants to bite me! -Whoever tugs, will have their toes crushed. -Yes. -What? -He should be alert. If he tugs, he'll get his toes stepped on. Did somebody step on some toes? Edith's second. Excuse me, excuse me. Whoever picks the ball will be... But the way you pushed other people here, Simeon... It's cold! I should take a rest. Yeah, I've been hit hard too. I can't figure out how Simeon stepped on me. The way Simeon is treading... It's no joke. My nail was numb. Touch! Touch! I'll sleep well tonight. -We need to bathe. -I don't know if I'll get sleepy. -We'll go to the well? -We should bathe. But I'm feeling hot. Simeon, stop stepping on people! Simeon, if you step on me... The truth is... Fighting... If someone steps on me again, I'll fight back hard. Let's go. I haven't instigated anything, I haven't stepped on anyone. Simeon wanted me to step on him, he thought I had the ball. I just got out of the way. -Let's start again. -I thought we were resting for now. -Don't carry it. -Just hitting me. For 5 minutes. Hey! Hey Noel, look. Because I'm going to get it back. Look at your side. Yes, it's not for picking. Whoever lifts it should be kicked by everyone. Yes. Whoever lifts it will be kicked once by everyone. Go ahead and play your tricks. I forgot that whoever lifts will be kicked. Memory, if you lift the ball, you'll be hit. So, take it to the right side. Those who dribble should dribble it. My toe that Simeon stepped on is itching... This is a fun game. He passed it. You made a good move. I passed it to Edith and Edith dribbled it. I've dribbled it. Just like that. Simeon should come. -Whoever picks it will be kicked. -Yes, should be kicked. He should just be ready. We might lose with this. Whoever picks it will be beaten. Whoever picks it should be taught a lesson. Which one? Wait a minute. Simeon, that's enough. -But Frasier, you should remove it. -Hey. -I'll leave late. -Whoever picks it will be kicked. Why don't you just kick it? I'm sleepy, I want to rest! What are they saying? I'm tired with what we're doing... as if I went to a wedding party and I was just standing. You'll get eaten... You'll get eaten. Get up! Where did they go? Edith, what are they saying? You'll get eaten. Where's the ball? I can't see it. Play it with your whole heart. Man, I'm tired. -Come. -Come along and dribble the ball. Has Zinenani left? -Here she is. -She said she took a break. -Simeon farted. -Oh lord! My legs are hurting as if I was standing at a wedding party. -But Simeon? -They'll close. -The darkness. -Sorry. You don't have a jersey! Tomorrow is Saturday. I wanted to say that tomorrow we have school. Monday's a holiday, didn't they tell you? -Didn't they tell you? -They did. -Monday's a holiday. -A holiday? It's, umm, Thomas Mgunda... And someone else, they broke a bucket. Naomi's, Naomi Kambeta. Yeah, so? He left it at the office. And she lost the mop. She was complaining? She said to me, "let's look for it." Doreen will say we've lost it. -Who? Naomi? -Yes. Who lost it? -Oh, what's her name? -Sarah. Look at Silaju. What's he doing?

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Director: Jason Price
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