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[Microsoft presents] [Dymanics 365] [Business Central] Running a business is hard. Today, it is harder than ever, especially for small and mid-size business owners who wear so many hats. Here is a novel idea: What if we made running a business easier instead of more complicated? That is precisely what we are doing with Dynamics 365 Business Central. Let me show you how. First, let us take your duplicate data and siloed systems, accounting, operations, supply chain, sales, and all of these tools and put them into a single unified platform. Think about that. All of these tools that you used to have to manage separately are now unified in one single application and in one database. No more switching between systems and manually copying data and keeping track of all those passwords. With all of your data in one location, you can get more comprehensive and more accurate reporting. It is always real-time and anyone can securely access it anytime, anywhere. Built-in intelligence helps you to run your business smarter. You can automate workflows, spot trends, and predict issues before they arise. No PhD in data science required. It even works with Office 365 so you can go from quote to cash without leaving Outlook. You can access and edit your live data from Excel and customize outgoing documents in Word. That is pretty cool. The list of things Business Central allows you to do is seemingly endless. What is almost more important is what it allows you to stop doing. Stop managing a million different tools and trying to retro-fit them to work together. Stop worrying about compliance and security and stop manually processing reports so that you can start focusing on growing your business and enjoying the other important things in life. [Scenario] Now, let us take a look at a scenario to see how this works. Let us pretend I am the owner of an interior design company that designs office spaces. I always thought I had an eye for design. When I get to my desk in the morning, what is the first thing that I do? Email. Obviously. What is great about Business Central is how it enables you to take action directly from within the application you are using, no more bouncing back and forth between apps. I see that I have an email from a customer asking for a quote on replacement office chairs. With Business Central, I can access the customer's information and generate an invoice all from within Outlook. What is really amazing is that it uses built-in intelligence to suggest which items should be included in the quote based on the email. With just a few clicks, the quote is on its way. From Business Central, I hop into the product page to check out the chairs. It uses Azure intelligence, analyzing historical performance in sales pipeline to forecast the availability of these chairs, and it looks like we may be running low. With one click, it prepares a purchase order that tells me how many to buy based on the inventory forecast. Before I head to the next meeting with my team, I will quickly check my dashboard to get an overview of how things are going across the business. I have customized it to show only the KPIs that I need. Everything I need to know is right there. Business Central has things running smoothly and our customers are happy. Business looks good. Now what do I do with all this free time? [Case study] Business Central is helping small and mid-size businesses across a range of industries transform and grow. One of our clients, Kelly Roofing, is a second generation family-owned business. For years they were limited by their technology, managing much of their business manually and over the phone. When they moved to Business Central, it gave them an unlimited capacity to support their community and their customers. It improved their ability to sell and provided ways to collect payments that were both easier for Kelly Roofing and their customers. It gave them greater visibility into performance across the organization from sales, to operations, to accounting. It has helped them to better manage production and services. As a result, their per-employee revenue has jumped from $75,000 to $160,000. Truly transformational.

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