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The Future of Robocraft

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What is up you guys, this is SpaceKryptonite here to bring you the news like no other Today I present you the future The future of Robocraft is upon us as Freejam has decided their destination and surprises they have in store for us So what is so special about this future? Well, let’s say Robocraft is going to be changing, completely Now you can all thank Mark and his 7 Chapters of Realizing the Vision since he has kindly shown us the path Anyways, let’s start with the reason why this big update is coming to Robocraft It all started back in the good ole days where everything was peaceful Players would build to their heart’s desire and was able to have fun but then the darkness rolled in as few players start to realize the key to victory Guns, tons and tons of guns It was at this point that the Robocraft universe started to become what Mark saw as devastation Want to win a match? Stack 15 guns on your bot. Why not? There are no limits. In the end, we are left with a struggle Creativity is possible, but not in the way you think So what is the plan you may ask? Changes to almost everything Hey, Don’t you dare click that Bare with me Robocraft is an alpha game. It is expected that we as players should respect that an alpha game will change drastically until the game is satisfying to the developers In this case, Freejam sees the game is not reaching their peak of interests So their plan is to change the way the game works Now it’s time to start listing the phases of Robocraft’s future and by future I mean from 1 to 12 months from now Also keep in mind that all updates are not specific meaning some updates may come at a later date than what I am telling you Phase 1. Before Christmas launch If you are a programmer, then you probably heard of Unity which is a gaming software that Freejam used to create Robocraft Now Robocraft is updating to unity 5 which should output better performance and optimizations meaning it will run better on your pc Next we have a sketchy one. By sketchy, I mean whether or not all of this will be implemented before or after Christmas All blocks will be transferred to one type of armor which is Carbon 6 The reason behind this is because there are 11 types of armors in the game Reducing it will allow players to get into a match faster and allow Freejam to unlock all game modes This will also allow Freejam to work on other features rather than trying to create 10 different types for each part, for each tier This goes the same with weapons and other tier parts, but let me explain little by little You will also get the paint tool which allows you to paint your blocks to whatever color you would like Now you can paint your bot and not worry about losing health for being creative With all game modes unlocked, battle arena will have an additional mode just for league You can now play Battle Arena in a non-competitive fashion And they are releasing a new set of shapes Now for Phase 1 Stretch goals These goals are classified as bonus cookies since Freejam is not 100% sure that all updates will go well, but if it does, here is what you can expect Free garage slots for everyone If you purchased a garage slot with GC, you will be refunded The idea of this is to allow everyone a chance to create limitless bots for limitless creativity Also the Community Robot Factory or CRF 2.0 will allow users to buy robots with RP with the exception of cosmetics. Also with the exception of CPU limit If you do not have the max CPU that is required, you will have to pay GC Next, your pilot seat will be no more. This means that your bot will destroy only when it reaches below a percentage of health The percent is not specified, but now you don’t need to worry about having a big ball of protection around your pilot seat Lastly, the server will match your enemies with your robot ranking and skill level League will still be based off stars so don’t worry about going try hard in a normal match of pit Phase 2 the New Year This is a big one so listen carefully since this will happen throughout the year and is not specific to what will come first You will have the ability to put multiple types of weapons on your bot and this is not just referring to teslas You can literally add an SMG and Plasma on the same bot There will be a weapon select hotkey to allow you to choose your weapons however, CPU costs for functional parts will be increased so don’t get trigger happy This allows players to build strategically Do you want a bot to have more health, or utility, or movement These are things that will give your bot strength and weakness There will also be a boost to max CPU for both normal and megabots Now for the big part. Weapon reworks If you are not aware, some weapons in the game use hitscans This is a method of inflicting damage instantly rather than waiting for the object hit its target Freejam is removing this feature for a more challenging type of gameplay You must lead your shots kind of like the plasma only the projectile has different properties based off its weapon type Here’s an example. A small smg will shoot like an uzi while a large smg will shoot like a bren gun The difference is that an Uzi does more damage at close range while a bren gun does more damage with targets that are far away Small and large plasmas will also act differently With pilot seats being eliminated, rail guns will now leave fat capsule holes in an awesome fashion Teslas will now only be active when you have them selected Think of switching to your tesla is faster than reloading Nanos will now have a power bar which makes it have a reload feature when depleted 6 gun limit will be no more. With CPU being buffed, your choice of having 10 plus guns will be equal to being an adc in league By this, I mean that your gun count will not change your fire rate guns will act equally regardless Lastly, robot ranking will be terminated This will allow players to be matched by CPU and player skill level With RR being shoved out the door, you can expect to see more game modes and new weapons Now lastly, Phase 3 and beyond These are features that will be in the back end of the project and will take a longer time to decide what will be worked on Since this is something that will take a long time to discuss and is very vague, I will simply list the features for you Tutorials for new players to understand how to play the game Clans along with Clan ranks, battles, tags and more More social improvements More shapes along with large shapes Decals More weapons and functional parts TDM 2.0 which will be changed based off the community Non-combat games such as HUB, PVE missions, racing and more Improve setting up and playing in platoons Party mode for private matches More megabot features Upgrading physics Localization And lastly server improvements and stability of servers Now that you have the knowledge and vision of Robocraft’s future What do you think about it? How will you create your bots? This is by far the biggest template of updates that we will ever see With the changes to weapons and armor, everything will feel different and will take time to adjust. With tiers being no more how much breathing room will this provide? Let me know in the comment section down below and be sure to like and subscribe for all your robo needs and until next time this is spacekryptonite logging out I will catch you guys later

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Posted by: spacekryptonite on Nov 28, 2015

Learn about Robocraft's future update! Mark Simmon's 7 Chapters of Realizing the Vision has been recreated and displayed just for you. You will see new weapons, parts, changes, and more in the video. I will even go through when these updates will be coming.

Grab a seat, eat some popcorn, and enjoy!

Localization for video will be available soon.

You can find the 7 Chapters of Realizing the Vision on Mark's twitter.
The link below shows the last chapter with all the features:

Robocraft Building Music

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