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Failure is an Economic System

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Failure is an economic system it's fascinating - due to the engineering of goods to "fail" within a certain time period you basically have a economic system based on failure because every time something fails "money" moves today for instance the battery of the car- failed unexpectedly and it immediately opens up a whole- line of consequence in terms of- money that must be spent to get the vehicle back on the road which was obviously not "expected" the failure is very much in line with the time frame of engineered failure but obviously- until it fails you don't have that exact point because human engineering isn't exact- it is approximate how many of these things operate like this? laptops computers fridges kitchen, equipment aeroplanes you name it every single thing- that is made- as a machine or a system that requires human engineering has been engineered- to fit into the capitalistic system of failure obviously- with a starting point like that one of failure and to make money through "failure" you can imagine what happen to the human nature through that human nature then become one where "failure" is accepted again- the result of the 'born in sin' syndrome that has been promoted by religions so that mankind see themself due to human nature as "unable" to perfect themselves and stuck for ever more as a- dysfunctional system in a consciousness reality fascinating because all of this is based on - energy and- the moment the energy movement "fails" the system fails like today, the battery fails which was- where energy was stored in spite of the engine generating! energy the type of energy the engine has been generating could no longer be stored and therefore the system could no longer- "ignite" to start again, once it was stopped because the- there is no energy virtually the same as what happened with heaven and earth when we stopped, the- energy transfer from earth to heaven where it was used for engineering heaven massive! changes happened in heaven and as it- heaven was "linked" to the mind system the mind consciousness system, it was very easy to "invert it" because it use mirrors - 'smoke and mirrors' so that one ended up looking- into the future - what is only a mirror ha ha ha ha- ha ha everyone that's here is a psychic as a- 'channeler' as a- 'remote viewer' you name it you don't even know it and you can't get past it because every angle that you could ever look at- has been inverted in a mirror effect you are seeing - only your own consciousness which is in your pre-programmed design so that you can deal with your self-deception I mean and this will escalate until the system "fails" and once the system fails you're going to try and re-ignite it but continuously- the power "source" which is the energy is being diminished and you get weaker and weaker eventually you can't start the system and only then the possibility of self-honesty arise the possibility of realizing that "energy" "light" all these things you believed so religiously were not real they were just systems and that you! do not in fact actually even exist anymore you have lost yourself completely to systems a serious condition from a certain perspective from the perspective that the universe - really irrelevant because you are really irrelevant from the bigger picture you- seem to be very important in your own Life but even that- is not your Life you are just part- character in a system so I suggest to start looking at the Desteni I process so you can learn how to break character you're going to have to break character because if you don't break character - you're going to be stuck in the system until death and then- no one can help you so, don't wait you're going to- have to break character and that's going to be a very tough thing it's going to take many years to break character and to rebuild your character to something that is trust worthy something- that honor Life- something that stand one and equal here as love thy neighbor and give what you would want to receive within this context to end the failure of the system so the system in "itself" becomes- similar to what the earth is earth- do not- never fail it simply moves and no matter what the onslaught of man- the earth's still here it is far beyond the time of man so if we work together we can have- an interesting experience and after that plan- looking at the universe properly without having to engineer failure the whole time and end up "failing" so that we- because it's through the failing that we end up losing faith in ourselves and that's certainly not necessary because the only "faith" that is necessary is "faith in yourself" that you are in fact self-honest because that is the only faith that is real faith in yourself that you are capable of realizing it when you have made a mistake and thus self-forgive faith in yourself that you will give to another - that what you would like to receive and faith! in yourself that you are in "fact" loving your neighbor and all living things and faith in yourself that you can be trusted with Life that's real faith if you are religiously- moving within that context of "faith" faith in fact is "real", beneficial and will never fail you any other form of faith will always fail you because it's not based on reality it's based on illusion so within this context you can- very clearly see what is reality and what is illusion and how much of the world is currently existing in illusion it's virtually everyone that's rather sad but again as in all things faith of illusion will fail you the faith of equality will stand by- you forever more - that is eternal faith breath by breath no matter what so join us at Desteni so you can get educated properly ha ha ha ha come on can't get clearer than this

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