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7-26-2009 Closed Captioned Children's Message, Zion, Torrance, CA

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CLOSED CAPTIONED CHILDREN'S MESSAGE We're all gonna be lop-sided today, huh? That's okay. We'll do it this way then. How's everybody today? Children respond: Good! Who would like to look into the Purple Bag this morning? Let's let Ericka see ... I already called her Kayle this morning. Just so she knows I know her name. Ericka makes a comment while looking at what's in the Purple Bag and Pastor Dave answers: Yeah! I like them a lot, too. Yes, I ... okay ... but, this sits on my desk. So you know what else this is? Kayle? It's a calendar! Can you see the date on the calendar that sits on Pastor's desk? What does it say, Caleb? Caleb says: Monday, June 1st. Pastor repeats: Monday, June 1st. Caleb: Behind schedule. Pastor: I am behind schedule. Because you know what? Pastor got this calendar for Christmas and he thought: This is a great thing. This is one of the best things I ever got. I can put it on my desk and every day I can rip off a puzzle and I can do it and it'll be fun and I'll have a good time. And then Pastor got behind. Okay. So now Pastor's behind almost two months. Children: Oooo ... But you know what I didn't tell you? That I ripped off April and May together ... and put 'em in my briefcase 'cause I thought, well sometime if I'm somewhere I could probably do some more if I was stuck in traffic or something. But, Pastor's really behind. And he really likes to do these. One of the things we're gonna do today in church, is that we're going to go and tell others the Gospel of Christ. We're to share with them what we know about Jesus. And we all know that we like to do that. We all know that we like to live out our faith, that we like to do things that show people that Jesus is our Lord and and Savior and it's fun and we want to do it. But you know what? Sometimes we just sit in our chairs and sit at our desk ... and we don't ... do the puzzle. And then we get behind. And then God comes to us and He still says to us that we have to ... go. And remind us that it IS our work. And it's fun but it IS work. And we still need to get out there with Jesus' name and tell other people about Him and tell other people what He has done and that's our work. And we shouldn't get all upset that we're behind. Because Satan wants us to look at what's behind. Because then we never look at what we're doing and what's ahead. So today we remind ourselves to go. To be children of God to live out our life of faith, to tell others about Jesus and what He's done for us and how happy we are in doing those things. We're gonna forget that maybe we didn't do so much last week but we're gonna do something today. Okay? All right, you guys can go back to your moms and dads, and we'll join in this morning's sermon hymn.

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Year: 2009
Country: United States
Language: English
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Posted by: hischild on Jul 28, 2009

Pastor Dave emphasizes the need to not let our past hinder the future in our Christian growth. To contact him, please go to:

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