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understanding Atoms

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מבנה בחומר the purpose of this scandal is for u for us to take a look at what adams are and it's distinguish between adams and or holler adams and elements related another very important part of understanding the makeup of matters understand what it so what is a molecule and hollow ism adam anemometer hill related a fourth term or concept is com park so another purpose to this news freed understand between a molecule compound and poverty the relationship between an element but the center of focus really of our study for the next couple of months is going to be that right there so let's take the adam first here is a picture of a and and diamond is a type of substance that's a pure substance meaning it's only made up of one of adam or one of thing or particle and there it is home obviously has to be a large for you see that let's say that that little quite circle the smallest particle of that diamond which we would call an adam so let me in large it therefore easily concealed better so one of the ways in which we can to finance adam is that it's the smallest particle of any type of matt so small sparkle of all matter should be simple enough to understand so how is it related to elements well is for you to see again that that white circle there is represents an atom that's an atom is an element so one way in which we can define an element is that it's the simplest type all pure substance once again appears substance is something but only contains one type of particle and you can see from that picture there of an element wiley adams or the same another way in which you can define it element is any substance that cannot be broken down into a different or into another substance so as you see i have just broken off a piece of that element it's still that same element is meant and you can tell that because it's made up of the same types of asp als light balance i can even break it down even further that's still an element is an because the only thing that makes it up is that same pierce upset same adult so another way in which you can define adam is that it isn't marched particle of an element that has all the properties of adult all the physical and chemical properties of that one small shit adam on the right has all the same properties is the rest of the element over on the left side of the screen so an adam is the smallest particle of our matter you can also be defined as a small sparkle of an element that has all the properties of that element that phrase that has all the profits of an element aki fridge there so here are a few questions that will help clarified your mind hopefully and similarities and differences between out of developments the first question is are elements made up of outs will here are the elements that we just saw the last slide so yes elements were made up about how many different types of elements exist the weight of discover this is to look at a particularly elements for every block that you see there for every the productivity elements represents a different element this is not quite the most current productivity elements we have somewhere in the neighborhood of a hundred and sixteen or a hundred and seventeen different types of balance that exists in our world how many different types of adams exists you look at the same chart because not only beseech tyler each box on this chart represent elements they are to represent different types of adults so for example you have the element hydrogen and helium first-world there are also different types of adducts so that the question are the terms adams and elements interchangeable the answer to that used yes you have to remember that adams are actually the smallest component of that element epic system molecules here is a picture of a people vice obviously melting now ice is as you probably know is each to all we can say that it's a molecule or combo so damaged emis let me show you one of those markets and so let's say that that represents in molecule of advice or water let me in large that for you so you can see that that's actually not really the molecule of water but it is a molecule so molecule can be defined as two or more adams that have chemically combined not just combined but chemically combined and at this point i don't expect you to know what chemically combined actually means but hopefully from that picture you can kind of see that the adams have joined the each of it so there is a molecule let's relationship between a molecule in the compound well the best way to do that is to direct your attention to that ma kildare if that's a molecule and the compound distance so the relationship that we saw between adams and elements is the same exact relationship that we see between molecules and compounds one of the definitions of a compound can be a substance made up of two or more elements chemically combined boy that sure sounds like the same definition or almost the same definition as a definition for a molecule to a more adams chemically combined is a molecule to a more elements chemically combined is a compound so i could break this compound down into something smaller like idea just there is that still that same compound well of course it is because it's made up of the same kind markets and i can even break it down into its individual molecule so likely get with adams we can also say that molecules by the smallest component of a compound and here's a key phrase again that has the same properties of acecomm pop that molecule that you see there on the right has the same properties such as density boiling point freezing point or want to insert there cab molecule has this very same cannot go and physical properties of the compound that you see left over on the left hand side of the screen so here's a link clarifying questions to help you understand even further similar recent differences between molecules and cumple are compounds made up of molecules well there's that knows that compound that we saw the previous page and if we remove one of those the smallest component of it bs that some molecule so compounds definitely made up of molecules by the terms molecules in compounds interchangeable yes they are just like adamson elements are molecules in compounds can be used in your change of me but remember molecules business models component of a compound that's still has the same properties of that compound are compounds made up of adults it's take a look at that there's a

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