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Teresa Testimonial Final

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Hello, my name is Teresa. My mother and her sister and brothers lost their teeth at an early age. I knew that I wanted something different done because I knew that my mother and some of her family members had lost teeth over the years. But, over the years, I smoked cigarettes and I think that caused a lot of problems with my dental problems. Because, through the years, I went to the dentist a lot. And I had, I had crowns. I had Root Canals done, I had the periodontal work done on my gums. You know, I did whatever it took to take care of my teeth. I would’ve preferred if I knew back then, 10 years ago, what I know now, I would’ve preferred to have implants. And I hope others will, you know, will consider imlants, because I think they’ll experience where it’ll benefit them in the future, to have implants. And, it’s an adjustment but it’s worth it, you can’t replace, you know, a nice smile. To me, a nice smile is all where it’s at, and he was really good, Dr. Raissi was really great with me. And, he’s really personable. It makes a difference of someone that cares and I believe Dr. Raissi cared enough to you know, make you feel at ease and he’s a for real guy, you know and, makes you feel comfortable right away. Really glad that I’ve met him. Oh my God, oh his place is beautiful, it’s absolutely beautiful he’s done really a good job with his place. The first thing I look at usually is someone’s smile and that’s when I first met Dr. Raissi, I noticed his great smile, you know, because it was genuine.

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Posted by: paydent7 on Sep 17, 2017

Teresa Testimonial Final

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