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How to safely handle and cook fresh peppers

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Want to add some heat to your fresh salsa or guacamole? Fresh chili peppers will do the trick. But first you need to know how to safely handle them without burning your skin or your eyes. [♪ music ♪] [Secretos de Cocina con Denisse] If you're like me, you like a little heat in your salsa and guacamole. But beware, you need to handle fresh chili peppers with caution because jalapeños, serranos, habaneros, and poblanos like these have oils that can be painful to your skin and your eyes. It is a good idea to protect your hands with latex gloves or plastic bags since most of the heat is concentrated in the vein and the seeds. First slice the pepper. Remove both the vein and seeds as much as you can. If you want more heat, leave as much as you can handle. Chop it finely and just add it directly to your salsa. Make sure you keep your gloves on for cleanup because the oils and juices transfer to surfaces like your cutting board and knife. [Phew] Now I can get that little itch above my eye. Fresh chilis are a great way to liven up your dishes so give them a try today. And if you need more "secretos de cocina," subscribe to our channel for a new cooking tip every Wednesday. And let me know what tips you want to see in the comments section. Hasta la próxima. [♪ music ♪] [AARP® Posibilidades a tu alcance] Si quieres poner en práctica mis secretos, haz click en las recetas que aparecen aquí. Y si todavía tienes hambre, visita Suscríbete ya para recibir mis secretos, y síguenos por Facebook y Twitter.

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Denisse shares her tips for safely handling and cooking with fresh peppers

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