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Kona's Dew Files - Episode 4

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Now we are going to play a good cha cha cha The doctor is in There's another one Sweet angles I'm here to sell you on the DOPE system We call that a saddle sore That's unreal A little dab will do you Bend up, way up Musk. Musky smelling. Dawg Primo. Dawg. Smells like a Dawg Maybe five years old. Let's go Excuse me there. Wait a second there chief. Sweet! Dawg will hunt. First bikes that Kona made for back country, kind of, four inches by four inches Over there. I have an 04 Cindercone. It's got great balance and serves me great in all territories If I was going to buy a wig, I'd consider that Catch and release, catch and relsease buddy. Be careful out there, have fun Located an old track Actually, this one seems a couple days old Wait a second there young fellow This your bike? Yeah Didn't steal it? No How long you had it for? About two years And is it holding up? Yup No problems? No problems Ride it up hill? Yup Ride down hill? O yeah I'm Ryan Walker, I have a Kona Coilair and I love my bike very much and I ride it four times a week I would say that it is the sexiest bike ever built Cool Right now, we're spotting Konas on the first narrows bridge known as the Lions Gate It's a major migritory path for urban dwellers to their nesting grounds I bought my bike about three years ago mostly because I became a big Lance Armstrong fan, I wanted to get out there on the bike If you bought a Trek from Lance, it'd just be another million dollars for him, but buying a Kona, you're helping feed our kids Is it your first Kona? No second Other one was a Cindercone Sweet all the time? Everyday Basically an umbrella Take a look at that speed you have. Circa. Holy cow I bet you that goes back to the early ninties. You guys are better than the rest of those guys out there. Whatever that means The money he's saving not buying gas commuting on his bicycle, he's got more money to buy beer Canadian baby. Heads up. Alright fellows thanks for the chick shit Ya take care. Have a good day Kona? Kona mountain bikes? Had it seven years now Seven years? Look at that fork you got on that thing. Is it okay? The Smoke 2-9? Lava Dome, '92 Beautiful little bike And you commute on it? Daily. Everywhere actually. 2-9er. The big wheels are cool. I need one of these. Well I need my bike pretty much every single day of the year. My ballpark 350 probably. Wow. 350 days a year. I'm Christine. I've had my Kona for six years and I love it to bits. We call that a lame duck. He's just working on getting in shape so he can get on a bike

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Posted by: halcrow on Jan 16, 2009


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