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SpaceVidcast Episode #020

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(Ben) Welcome to SpaceVidcast episode 20. The big 2-0. Can you believe we've actually been at this for 24 weeks, even thought it is only episode 20? (Cariann) No. It feels like 24 years. (Ben) 24 weeks. No, I was just going to say actually that time has been flying by. (Cariann) (laughter) No, It's been flying. It's been flying. (Ben) We've only been doing this for a short amount of time and I would say we are one of the, if not the premiere live space show because we're the only... (Cariann) I was just going to say we'll just say we are the premiere... (Ben) the only live space show. (Cariann) There you go. (Ben) Absoutely. And we've actually been doing really great since we've introduced those daily episodes. We've had over...and we've only been doing that for a couple of weeks and already we have 50,000 views on YouTube. We've got great people working with us like ... Mobile and a couple of other companies. (Cariann) Yeah, yeah that is great. (Ben) Really making our lives a lot easier. And of course we have the great SpaceVidcasters that help every single week. We've got people like Starbucks and Kat who do transcripts. We've got Colten who works on programming all the cool stuff. We've got SpaceVidcast 2.0, which will be coming out sometime shortly. Because of all the great stuff that you guys work on. So I wanted to say thank you to all of you. Before we get into the show we've got that new feature that we started last time. And because it's all relevant, we're going to be talking about the Google Lunar X PRIZE today. (Cariann) Yes, yes. (Ben) So I figured alright it's not Gpoogle Lunar X PRIZE, but I'm wondering who won the Ansari X PRIZE? (Cariann) Ansari. (Ben) Now for those of you who don't remember... (Cariann) It sounds like some sort of Star Trek, doesn't it? (Ben) (laughter) A little bit. For those who don't remember that is the X PRIZE that was for...I can't say that without giving away the answer actually. (Cariann) Ok, well it was for something and hopefully you hopefully know what it's for. (Ben) That's where you had to send a human into orbit, not into orbit, but you had to send a human up into space twice. (Cariann) Twice. (Ben) Yup and only prior to that only large governments had done that. (Cariann) Wow. (Ben) So this is the first time that a privatized company had ever made that happen. Now we want to get into the back half of the show because we are talking to William Pomerantz. Did I say that right, William Pomerantz? (Cariann) Yes, Pomerantz. (Ben) I've just been screwing that up in pre-show, so I didn't want

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Posted by: spacevidcast on Aug 22, 2008

William Pomerantz from Google Lunar X PRIZE

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