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How to make heart-shaped Valentine brownies

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♪ chimes [howdini: get yourself a guru] There's an old saying that absence makes the heart grow fonder, but personally, I think it's chocolate that makes the heart grow fonder. And on Valentine's Day, I'm always looking for new ways to express my love--in chocolate, of course. I'm Laurie Gelman from, and I'm here with Liv Hansen from the Betty Crocker Kitchens, and what you have there is exactly what I'm thinking about. It's gorgeous. LH: These are our chocolate brownie hearts. LG: Oh, they look good! LH: They are. Want to help me make some? LG: I do. LH: Let's get started. LG: What do we do first? LH: Okay. The first thing we do is--I've actually prebaked a brownie, and I've baked it in a 13 x 9 pan lined with tinfoil. This makes it really easy to remove them. So I'll just show you. Just lift it right up. LG: And look what a clean pan you have underneath. That's really clean. LH: You don't have to clean. And what's a great trick to line it is actually you just turn the pan over, press the tinfoil over on top, invert it again, and then it's really easy to press inside. And then just mold it to the sides, and you're ready to pour the batter in. LG: I have--I have done it where I have had not enough tinfoil so many times. LH: Okay. So now we're going to cut them out. And instead of cutting the traditional square brownies, we are going to cut them with a heart cookie cutter. LH: So it's Valentine's Day! LH: So basically you want to get a cookie cutter that's deep enough to go through the entire brownie. Then you push down. Shake it just a little bit. Lift, and then we're going to put them onto a wire cooling rack. You want to make sure the brownies are cooled. You don't want to do this when they're still hot. LG: But you don't have to chill them. LH: No. Do you want to give it a try? LG: I do. LH: Okay, and while you do that, I'm going to start glazing. And we've melted some chocolate frosting. Melt in a microwave for maybe 10-second intervals. You don't not want it to boil. LG: Okay. LH: But you do want it to get to be a spoonable consistency. And then you just spoon it right over the top. It pours right over. LG: I have always wondered how bakers got that beautiful sheen-perfect look. LH: Yes. What you can do sometimes, if it works, is you can actually invert them, and the baked side that baked on the bottom of the pan is often flatter and smoother. It's another inside trick. LG: And then the sides are a little molded in. LH: Yeah. While I'm finishing this one up, why don't you take that white frosting that's been melted and put a little drop of red in there to make a nice pink. And I'll give you a little fun decorating tip. LG: I guess you could make it red, too, for Valentine's Day. LH: You could. LH: One drop will definitely change white into a nice pink. LG: I think we're good. LH: Okay. So what I'm going to do is you just take a regular fork. You're going to dip it in and then just drizzle it right across It gives it a little color for Valentine's Day. LG: See, I love this. You see these in shops all the time, and I've always wondered how they do it. LH: This is one of the easiest decorating techniques. LG: It really is! LH: Glazing and then drizzling. LG: Can I do a little sprinkling? LH: Sure. Try some sprinkles too. LG: It's really important to get it on before everything dries up. LH: Yes. LG: Or sets up, in the baking world. LH: I'm going to put some little hearts on here. LH: I'll do one that's plain drizzled. Let's try that. LG: Those look stunning. LH: So now that they're glazed and decorated, you're going to let them sit for maybe 5-10 minutes so the frosting can set up. LG: Okay. LH: And then you want to plate them. LG: Ooh. I want to see that. LH: And a nice trick is to heat a spatula in hot water, dry it off, and then you can slip it underneath-- and you can always nudge it with another one. And then place it down. LG: Gorgeous. LH: And I'll get one more on there. LG: One for you and one for me? LH: Ooh. Great idea. LG: Isn't that romantic? [laughter] Ah, that looks beautiful. LH: There you go. LG: I'm going to turn it around. LG: Gorgeous, gorgeous. LH: Thank you. LG: We're all ready for Valentine's Day and I don't know about you, but I'm going to be even more beloved after I make these hearts. LH: We're going to be very popular. LG: We are. Thank you so much. LH: Thanks, Laurie. LG: You know, there's a lot more great ideas and recipes to make your special occasions even more special on [] ♪ chimes

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Here is a beautiful, delicious way to say I love you—with chocolate. The smooth, beautiful topping is what makes these Valentine’s brownies extra special, and professional baker Liv Hansen from the Betty Crocker Kitchens shows you how to do it. We’ll never tell your Valentine how easy it was for you to make these gorgeous heart brownies.

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