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Please just one, one shooting star. Yes! I wish, I wish upon a star that I could see grandma again. Sounds like she must be pretty special! Wait, what? You're not a shooting star! Oh yeah, I get that a lot! I'm a lightning bug. My friends call me LB. But how do you do it? How do you shine like that? Well, all I know is I just think about who I am you know, deep down inside, and then BINGO! I'm connected to this Light that exists in everything and I thought everyone? I don't know, the only thing I feel inside me is sadness, and anger! Oh, I get it. When I get angry, I can feel like my Light is broken too. Really? Oh yeah, when I'm angry, really angry... It can seem like my Light is completely gone, but if I can just stop and take a breath, and think about who I am, deep down inside, BINGO! It's always there, no matter what. Deep down inside? Where? Let me show you something... It's kind of like this rock here.. You broke it! Yeah, but do me a favor: shine your flashlight on it. Whoa! It's a geode rock created from a volcano millions of years ago. I can't believe something so beautiful has just been hiding inside there. Well, the beauty isn't really hiding, it's kind of like the Light. it's always there at the core it just takes a little practice to get to it. How do you practice? Well, try this: close your eyes, yeah now take a couple of deep breaths, there you go Now just ask the Light to come forward. How does that feel? Feels good, like warm and peaceful. It reminds me of how I felt around my grandma, she was like the best person ever. Come on Pumpkin, time to take the food down to the homeless shelter. Wow!  Sounds like her heart was as big as her hairdo. That's right. I mean, she had this super duper  massive head of hair that... Wait a minute! What just happened to your Light? Sometimes people made fun of her hair behind her back. Ah Pumpkin, don't worry about them! I love my super duper massive hairdo. I would get so embarrassed. People can be so mean. Yeah, life can be tough sometimes... but you can't control what  other people think or do. Watch out! And so in those times when I feel trapped in a sticky situation, the Light helps keep me brave. Hey Pumpkin, looks like your friend could use a little help. But weren't you scared at all? I knew you wouldn't let me down. You got a super duper Light inside you, just like your grandma I don't know about that. You just need to keep practicing. Yeah, shine on! There you go! That's right, Pumpkin. You never shine brighter than when you're being your true self and remember: I'm always with you. Well, I guess it's time for me to bug on out of  here keep on shining kid! So long LB, thank you.

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Posted by: mosheoliveira on Nov 26, 2020


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