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Sergio León, death of a peasant

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Sergio Leon Death of a peasant We are mourning and fighting For our mate death yesterday morning The peasant died trying to stop the eviction by the armed forces We raised the flag but they did not respect it You tough that using the flag they would respect you? Yes, we though that they would respect us Peace Accords were signed in Guatemala, but yesterday,,, they did not show any respect for us. why are we worthless for being peasants? So now we are mourning our friend who lost his life fighting for his children trying to get some wealth for their lives instead of repression by land lords, siting on their power Legality of the eviction order is questionable we are in a place named Retalhuleu but the eviction order is for somewhere else, Suchitepequez because other properties of the alleged owner are in Suchitepéquez territory... and we are in Santa Cruz Muluá, Retalhuleu Department The peasant did not die inside the land to be evicted We were not here when attacked, we were there, in the bridge we wish we were in the land but we were attacked in the bridge The facts we were sitting here, in the bridge and we opened the way for them to come to the land if they were coming to burn it but first of all they shoot at us in the bridge to frighten us The police was where the woman is at and we were here this was our area and that was police´s area and the army was behind them They made their line there and we sat and said that we did not want any trouble they said "You have two minutes to leave" but they did not give us two minutes they said "one, two, three" and they opened fire Police used gas canisters directly over the peasant´s body when they started shooting they were here the person who died was here and they were there, barely two meters and they shot three tear gas canisters against his chest and against his arm then he fall and we took him to our community in Mangales these are the teargas canisters they used against the person who died and he will be buried today we want justice We want justice to be applied and enforced in this case The autopsy Name: Sergio de Leon Sarax male, 31 years old, single born and currently living in Santa Cruz Mulua, Retalhuleu Job: peasant Cause of death: balistic trauma in the heart, blocked heart This was a consequence of the facts the peasants told us We are going to show you the impacts please, move the children away... These are the impacts we told you about. Was the eviction order legal? Who gave the order to shoot gas canisters against the body? The peasants are still at the same place. Will the authorities try to evict them again?

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Posted by: albarce on Aug 2, 2011

On july 28th, 2011, Sergio Leon died due to the direct impact of four tear gas canisters on his chest. He was trying to stop a land eviction where his community is trying to grow up corn in a context of massive sugar plantations.

The National Civil Police of Guatemala used ammunition intended for dissuasory means in a letal, unathorized way.

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