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Secure VPN Sales Play SID

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Let's talk about the MFA to secure VPN access sales play. This sales play extends the traditional RSA SecurID Access VPN play to enable modern mobile MFA to secure the VPN. Customers that are leveraging Cisco and Citrix VPNs are the focus here. Cisco and Citrix are two VPN use cases where we see opportunities around leveraging, mobile push, and fingerprint authentication using the RSA SecurID Access to authenticate into the VPN. Organizations using Cisco and Citrix have the ability to deploy the full RSA SecurID Access set of authenticators. Let's discuss the challenges we here from customers on this. More and more we are seeing security and IT professionals looking for ways to provide more convenient and lower cost options to extend MFA to broader user populations. The business requires more modern and mobile options to authenticate to the VPN for convenience. Many customers are not aware of the modern mobile authenticate solutions that RSA has to offer today. For you, our partners, it is important that you engage with customers to help educate them on the expanded RSA authentication portfolio. RSA SecurID Access provides simple, cost effective, mobile MFA to meet customers' expansion needs. Occurring customers who have already invested in RSA technology can leverage their existing investment to extend mobile MFA to the VPN use case. They can do this without disrupting their current situation authentication process and enable more options and authenticator choices to their population of employees, contractors and third parties. Additionally, organizations that purchase premium MFA licenses are able to heighten their security posture through machine learning, real time analytics, and behavior based policies for authentication. Customers use machine learning for the highest level of security inconvenience. Three key discovery areas to persue with customers are: 1. What are the drivers for looking at mobile authentication for VPN? New populations, convenience, cost. 2. Determine the scope and scale or the audience size they're looking to deploy to. The scalable RSA SecurID Access Enterprise Grade Solution can be a differentiator against some of our competitors. 3. Probe the customer on the importance of risk analytics, behavioral analytics, machine learning , and the principles of identity insurance. This is a key component of future proofing a solution for identity. Thank you and happy selling.

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Secure VPN Sales Play SID

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