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The Venus Project interviewed by Karen Frandsen from Eerie Investigations - Part 6 of 6

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Well this is it, isn't it, the more we create machines which is what you were talking about... more people are losing their jobs, so there's gonna be this very... very difficult crossing over. -Trouble out there. I don't advocate that, I'm just telling you that if we don't change our ways there's gonna be lots of misery ahead. It hasn't even begun yet. And I know no other group or no other person working on "what do you do about it" other than just trying to do patchwork within the system. We're trying to make this system work equitable and just and it can't be. It's what causes all the problems, it causes the scarcity and the stress. -I'm [xxx] what Einstein said about that. Remember that? -Well, something about: "you can't solve the problems with the same way of thinking that created them". Something like that. -So that's what you got today. A way of thinking that's irrelevant. So you're gonna have problems. Well I think you guys have got a really though job on your hands, haven't you? -Yes, we've been working for years. -I know you have, I think is about 33, isn't it? Well, I've been working 33 years with Jacque, but he's been working long before... ... on it long before that. -This is a 20, 1920... I was born in 1916. Not '13, I'm 93. It was the great depression that instigated him. He saw things all around, he saw people were living in the streets that were kicked out of their homes... He saw things in windows, you know, vaccum cleaners and lawnmowers, and the farms were still there and the technical personnel were still there and the manufacturing plants were still there. The people just didn't have money in their pockets, so he thougth it was the rules of the game that we played by that just were really screwed up, didn't work. So it was then when he started to work and look for a different social design, but he's not just a... You know he doesn't just dream about it or he just doesn't talk about how things should be. He backed it up technically. -Exactly, he's been working on this project such a long time. We're so pleased to say that now that your message is getting out there so many people are coming on board with this and every one person that knows it can spread it even further. And now because we got use of the internet it can go further again. We'd love to say on behalf of the Eerie as well that we hope that you get your chance to do your motion picture, and it would be great if someone like Steven Spielberg would come on board. - We don't want to kill anybody. We don't wanna hurt anybody. -We know that. -We don't want to kill the capitalist or the bankers. They will live better in the Venus Project than Bill Gates. Everyone. Because technology can supply fantastic things in the future. You'll have television where you can invite the guest into your home. You'll see them full size but your hand will go through them. Then will come teletactum. We could shake hands with a person that isn't even there. We haven't begun to civilize world yet. We're still very primitive. And just think of a world where all of the science and technnology instead of going to destructive purposes and how to blow somebody up better, quicker, more efficiently and more destructively goes towards how to create a much more better life, a much better life for everyone on Earth. It doesn't eliminate anyone. And how to create a pristine environment at the same time. So it would be quite a different world when you put science in that direction. Well I do hope that your dreams become fact. I think you're on the way to getting there and I'd love to thank you very much for giving us your time on your very busy schedule. Thank you so much guys. Been wonderful. Thank you so much. This is not just another motion picture. It's a way out of this dilemma.

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The Venus Project interviewed by Karen Frandsen from Eerie Investigations - Part 6 of 6

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