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Wuxia le renard - Expérience scolaire à l'Externat Saint-Jean-Berchmans

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This afternoon, we’ve had the opportunity to welcome Vincent in our class, to experiment with the world of Wuxia the Fox. The students have already had the chance to hear about the story, but this afternoon, they could actually experiment with the reading of the book. The students took turns reading the book, while the iPad, with the voice recognition, would animate the board with sounds, music and images. Sincerely, I have never had a class as attentive as today, even with the school filled with the frenzy of Christmas Eve. But the students remained attentive to what was going on, they had curious eyes. It really has been a wonderful moment in class this afternoon. From a pedagogical perspective, Wuxia is a small marvel to give the students a taste for reading, or to keep that interest. The story is captivating, the vocabulary is refined and it also gives the opportunity to read out loud. In this case, it’s an interactive experience with a purpose, in addition to an out loud reading, there is the stimulation to see the story coming to life with the (iPad) app. One of the students, who is usually shy and doesn’t want to read in class because of her reading difficulty, she raised her hand and went up to read. She was even proud that the app could recognize her reading. I could see in her face that she enjoyed it. It’s worth all the gold in the world to see that she had pleasure reading. It wasn’t a burden, it really was fun for her. I liked it a lot, because we had never seen such a thing before. I really found the music, the videos that go along with it and the images in the book very fun. And the story also, it was really cool. The book is well done, the story is good and more importantly the book is new, it’s like a mix between a digital book and a paper book. That’s what I really like about it. We had never seen a book like this, it’s out of the ordinary, it’s something really fun and nice.

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Posted by: saga on Mar 1, 2016

Très bel rencontre avec les élèves de la classe de Mme Catherine. L'expérience de lecture en groupe était très concluante! ;-)

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