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Matrix 9 on Secret of Self Direction

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Desteni Interdimensional Interview: Structural Resonance, Part 9 - Veno This is Veno and I continue where I was communicating about thoughts, and so don't be..trapped or captured by curiosity of your thoughts, that's what enslaves you. Now let's go to for instance emotions and feelings. When you become emotional about something or when you feel something for someone.. apply forgiveness. The reason i say, you it in the evenings when you are at home, is because you're required to do forgiveness - aloud. by yourself or, you know.. if you are not too afraid..or 'embarrassed' - in your process of self-realization, with your partner and it alone.'re going have to be get over.. the embarrassment situation of applying forgiveness in public - aloud. So for now, you know just kinda 'swish' you into the application, slowly but surely, do it alone, in the evenings in your bed, but do it aloud - do forgiveness aloud. why do it aloud? Because thoughts loudly spoken words, You Hear your thoughts right? so of course they're spoken words. And it's like, you have 'two beings' inside you. ok? it's you.. and then the being as a Manifested Mind Consciousness System, and both 'speak'. ok? You speak here(mouth)..and you speak here(head). So..that's why, in terms of forgiving thoughts 'loudly', Y 'release' the Sound Resonance retainment of that thought inside your physical human body and also the crystalization thereof. Because you Apply Forgiveness- as I've explained how thoughts manifest as crystals inside the human physical body. When you do it aloud, and you do it throughly and you do it specifically those crystals because of the sound the words you're speaking.. resonating within you will -'explode', if you want to call it that- and will release themselves.. inside the physical human body. But the point that you must remember and consider is that it's not gonna help you just applying forgiveness - it's not. Because if you're just going to Apply forgiveness you are Not Doing Anything about it in terms of Acting Differently and Correcting-it through Application, the whole-System is just going to remain inside there, and the thought may come up continuously the whole time. Oh! yeah that's also a point. Thoughts may reoccur..even though you have forgiven them. The reason is because there are 'multiple different layers', of that thought - which you have manifested within you. So continuously forgive the thoughts, because where do you want to stand with thoughts? That you're not reacting in anyway and that You Realize and you See is a thought floating.. and it's just floating, and you just go: stop. and it doesn't influence you, or re-direct you, or direct you in anyway whatsoever. that's where you want to stand. So, going back to the necessity to Actually-Apply is have a look: what happens when you have a thought and it manifests as crystals inside the Human Physical Body? It becomes you - completely. in other words, If You Actually don't do the Correction through Application.. that becoming of-you as a Thought will still remain. Why? Because you acted on it. How did you 'act' on that thought? you 'believed it to Be You', that's acting, belief is acting. So now you have to do the following: you have to completely remove that act of you as the thought within you human physical body. The only way you do that is through Application. So when you, for instance, oh..and this is an interesting thing also. so what i suggest you do is write down.. your thoughts or the moments you've experienced during your day, apply forgiveness aloud, but write them down. why am i saying write them down? Because when you write them down, you 'apply' forgiveness.. and now you're going to application the next day, you'll notice the same scenario coming forth, whether it's the next day or a week after that, and..then you'll either do the exact same thing as you did previously, or you'll correct the application in that moment by either applying forgiveness in the moment, by not reacting emotionally and by not reacting according to feelings. and then you can go back in that little book and say: 'hmm but I Applied Forgiveness but why did I react again in the exact same way?' and that's so you can kind of correspond with yourself in terms of seeing: Where is my application? did I Apply Myself Effectively? Did I Apply Forgiveness Effectively? etc. So literally all human beings at the moment have to deal with who is in them.. is their thoughts, emotions and feelings. because at the moment, that is what human beings believe themselves to be..and it's not going to be a simple process, remember - how long have you, for instance been in this world? many years, so through that many years..imagine those thoughts. Imagine all those words spoken and the experiences you've had and you have to transcend each and every single one. but it's not about now going back to the past, many years ago looking for the problem, all you do is remain Here, what is necessary to be realized or transcended in the moment will step forth. and that's why we are here, soo just remain Here in terms of your day, in terms of looking back, I wouldn't say, that is just 'looking back' for a moment, but you bring it Here too - you bring you day Here your entire day, Here - and then you look through your day, and you check moments that stand out, which requires Forgiveness Application. What is great is to start having children as well being brought-through to the Application of Forgiveness You know, you just start with when..they're sad, or..when they're troubled with something, or you know many children get emotional very quickly - have them Apply Forgiveness, apply forgiveness with you children, I mean that's also a fantastic experience if you do have children. But at the moment, I would just like to have you focused on yourself the relationship stuff comes later: that is an interesting thing. So, that is all i have to say at the moment. in terms of practical application with your emotions, feelings and thoughts. and I Will be writing an entire book actually, document I don't know if it'll be a book but probably be a book - If we have a look at it. on how exactly everything works, and where.. exactly the points of the structural resonance existence - inside the human physical body, and we are going to be writing programs about it as well to Assist Children. So they don't have to go through this lengthy process.. and they are able to just unconditionally express themselves in this world. So thanks very much, this is Veno. More from recently departed and MISSING CHILDREN: Interviews screened shortly: Edgar Cayce, Oscar Wilde, Karl Marx CC English for Desteni Productions ©

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MINDCONTROL, IMPLANTS and PREPROGRAMMED Life Veno through the Interdimensional Portal talking about humanity's enslavement as Mind Counsciousness Systems to keep Consciousness existing without realizing we are LIFE as One and Equal Desteni Productions Desteni - Self Direction

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