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Formatation or media format is required, you got to reprocess your entire library. And that requires a lot of time and resources. So Brightcove has really invested significantly in this area to reduce the complexity, streamline the process, and reduce that cost and complexity associated of reaching every device in the world. And this is something we call Dynamic Delivery. Brightcove's new Dynamic Delivery offers just incredibly enhanced flexibility, agility, and performance for all of our customers. It's been designed to future proof your content because what we do is we dynamically package the content for delivery. So this ability to create and deliver multiple downstream packages or renditions of the video from a single asset on demand just in time reduces your storage cost because you don't have to create all of those renditions up front. And I'm excited to announce that this is now the underlying infrastructure and we are live with this with some of our largest customers in the world. We'll be rolling this out for all of our new customers. And then over the course of this year we'll also be migrating all of our existing customers onto this new back end which delivers just so much better flexibility and agility going forward. When it comes to lowering the total cost of ownership and improving quality, I'm very excited also to announce today a fundamentally new patent-pending approach to transcode. And we call this Context Aware Encoding. And you can think of it as an easy button for great video. So what does it mean for you? It means more bang for the bit. Using Context Aware Encoding you can maintain visual quality while reducing storage and delivery bandwidth requirements by as much as 50%. And if you're working with thousands of videos, millions of streams, storage and bandwidth are likely major components of your operating costs. In this case, the cost savings will be very significant. On the other hand, for many of you if you're operating to smaller scale, maybe you're using video for digital marketing or for your enterprise uses, the value there is end users will get a higher quality video which starts faster and buffers less for the same cost. So Context Aware Encoding uses machine learning to help you optimize each video to achieve great quality with the fewest bits necessary. And it goes beyond what other companies have called Content Aware Encoding by creating a custom encoding profile tailored to the combination of each unique video, plus we look at data about where the video is being viewed and will be adding over where the video is in its life cycle as well. So Phil will explain more about how it works and show you what it looks like. Phil?

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