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Shuteye Popeye

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HURRAY POPEYE THE SAILOR!!! One night Popeye was just sleeping like every other night. But this night is going to be much different. You can guess by now Popeye is a very loud snorer,which can be very disturbing to others who might be trying to get some sleep. Take this little mouse for example. He is sound asleep as dreams of sugar plums dance in his head. Well not really,but you get the point. "What the hey!" whispered the mouse. Grrrrrrr!! The mouse was very angry when he is woken up, He decides to go see who is making all that racket. "OMG! It's a monster!" exclaimed the mouse. The mouse, determind to get Popeye to be quiet, summons all of his mousey strength to push the bed. The mouse pushes the bed all the way to the window. With the momentum Popeye has gained, he slides off of his bed and out the window. BAM!! "HAHA!" the mouse says happily. "I can finally get some sleep!!" WHOOSH! While still asleep Popeye uses his mighty lung capacity to propel himself backwards through the air. CRASH! "Oh, Oops!" Popeye exclaims to himself. "I shouldn't be eating spinach before bed." As Popeye gets back to sleep, he starts to snore and that makes one mouse very angry, and you wouldn't like him when he's angry. GAH! BONK! What the..... HEY! Squeak, squeak, squeaker squeak! The mouse tried to explain to Popeye that he couldn't sleep, but Popeye isn't a very understanding man, so the mouse was out. "And stay out," exclaimed Popeye. SLAM! HA HA! The mouse had an idea to finally get some sleep. Chug Chug Chug! Tap Tap Tap Oh Yeah! Whoosh! "Now What!" Popeye yelled "No Parking!" barked the police man. "Oh..............." muttered Popeye GAAAAAH! Popeye pulls down a hida bed so he couldn't be flooded out of his house again. CRASH! BANG! BOOM! "OMG! HE KEEPS COMING BACK!" exclaimed the mouse. This made the mouse even angrier. SLAM! HEY! "LET'S SEE HIM GET OUT OF THIS!" says Popeye. "NO WAY! HOW STUPID COULD HE BE!" thought the mouse. "HAHA! GOT HIM!" says Popeye with joy. WHAT! SQUEEEEEEAK "OMG! WHAT HAVE I DONE!" exclaimed Popeye. SLAP! HAHAHAHA! "THIS IS THE LAST STRAW!" yelled Popeye. Popeye tried to catch the mouse, but was too slow. But, Popeye outsmarted the mouse and met him at the corner. Popeye walked the mouse outside for what he thought would be the last time, that night. Stupidly, Popeye trapped the mouse in a can of spinach. And we all know that spinach makes you strong. The mouse ate the leftover spinach and punched his way through the can. The mouse barged into the house and made his way upstairs. The mouse, now being mighty mouse, walked straight up onto Popeye's bed and dragged him by the toe to the mouse hole where he tossed Popeye up into the wall. The mouse would finally get his good night's rest. And Popeye would have to live knowing he was beaten by a mouse. The thought of it killed him. The End!

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Duration: 6 minutes and 22 seconds
Country: Canada
Language: English
License: All rights reserved
Genre: Animated
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Posted by: chapman on Nov 6, 2009

A short Popeye cartoon from the 1950's. Video curtosy of

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