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03 04 INTV Seb and Muhibullah looking at documents

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SEB: UK formal foreign secretary? Yeah. SEB: This is again from Six months ago? 10 February. SEB: He responded? Yeah. SEB: He responded? SEB: He replied? SEB: So this is Boris Johnson? Boris Johnson. SEB: UK politician? UK politician. This is 5 February. Mr. Alain Berset. President of Switzerland. Burmese, Burmese. We send a one letter. Burmese? SEB: And the UN security council? SEB: Oh yeah. SEB: This is SEB: This is to the prime minister Of Bangladesh? SEB: So you've written to SEB: Politicians from SEB: Every SEB: Involved SEB: Agency and country? 18 January, 2018. SEB: So everybody knows about SEB: The evidence? SEB: Everybody knows what you have SEB: Collected? Yeah. Maybe. Oh! we know, everybody. Amboise translation. This sign is called Amboise. [Incomprehensible] [Incomprehensible] They can place of arrival to MEMA. We are live in and born in From MEMA. How you write this one? There's written Those staff Even i not put Those staff put. From Bangladesh. Kutupalong area. Cox's Bazar area. SEB: Yeah. SEB: So these SEB: When you're writing to these SEB: You're officially writing SEB: For the organization? At first not officially letter. Last thing we write as an Organization. SEB: That's to the security council. [Incomprehensible] That's US delegation. SEB: That's the US delegation? US delegation, yes. SEB: They came to visit to- We sign this letter. SEB: UN FCL. SEB: UN Rapporteur. SEB: So, you've told everybody SEB: About the evidence SEB: That you have here? There's not a wriiten about Eveidence. Just- SEB: Did they- SEB: They know you have SEB: They know you have this SEB: Evidence? There's written. Just we use in the date. SEB: So you've written this to SEB: This is to the UN? SEB: This is to the US delegation. We not use specific data. Just use in- SEB: But you've told them SEB: You have evidence too? We have no written. SEB: You've told them you have the Evidence? SEB: So specifically letters from SEB:The organizations of pretty much SEB: Every SEB: International entity was SEB: Involved in this issue. SEB: Now the fact that They have evidence SEB: Given the numbers of the people SEB: They found that to be killed. SEB: It's going back. SEB: Months and months. SEB: So this is basically just SEB: Letters to SEB: Pretty much every international SEB: Entity involved SEB: In this situation SEB: Laying out the fact that They have SEB: Evidence SEB: And giving the numbers of People SEB: Who were killed and raped. SEB: Alleging crimes against Humanity SEB: And, SEB: So far, I don't know, SEB: Why they haven't able to get This to the ICC, SEB: But, SEB: These letters go back for Months. SEB: So it's letters from pretty SEB: Much every international- Sorry. SEB: So it's letters to pretty much SEB: Every SEB: International entity that's SEB: Involved with this issue. SEB: Laying out the fact SEB: That they have evidence, SEB: They've compiled names, SEB: Numbers of people killed, SEB: Asking for this case to be SEB: Taken forward. SEB: And the letters go back for Months. SEB: From January? SEB: From February? From January. SEB: This is to Boris Johnson? Boris Johnson. SEB: UK politician? UK president. SEB: UN special rapporteur. <i> Any and all of it basically</i> <i> This stuff too.</i> <i> Yeah, the old stuff, but then</i> <i> And then the numbers</i> <i> What we got there? </i> <i> Yeah we did,yeah. </i> <i>We didn't get like the total Number killed. </i> <i> Someday we might get that Too. </i> <i> Aything that you find Significant. </i> <i> Do you need his hand on it Too? </i> [Incomprehensible] <i>This one's to Boris Johnson.</i> <i> President of Switzerland?</i> <i> Switzerland. </i> SEB: UN FCL. Shahidul Haque. Foreigner minister of Bangladesh. <i> This is so much. </i> [Incomprehensible] First allegation. [Incomprehensible] <i> Can we see the one from</i> <i>Boris Johnson?</i> <i> I can't find it out.</i> <i> You're English is very good</i> <i> Where did you learn English?</i> [Incomprehensible] Yeah this is the- 1901 to 1991. Parliament member. Yeah you see there's a- Suddenly Citizenship cut. SEB: And these you were showing Me before, SEB: These are from, SEB: These are old newspaper ones. Old document. SEB: This is the unique card now, Right? Now. SEB: And this doesn't say Rohingya. Yeah, not say Rohingya. Not say a refugee. Not only Rohingya, also refugee. Not say a refugee. You see one word that say refugee? WE are not refugee? Why they didn't want to say. [Incomprehensible] Why saying not refugee? This one, they Suddenly using Nationality cutting. See? Rohingya. Not old, written. Here, Rohingya. So many evidence. <i>May be the numbers of the</i> <i>Show me one of these things with The numbers. </i> Again say- Killing in the camp. At first arrested, And then killing in the camp. <i> This is the total number</i> This one they killed. Also this one they killed. The last this two- <i>It's more than 10000.</i> 10000. And there's arrested people. 2160 people. Arrested. <i>You can see here raped as well. </i> And injured people. 960. Injured. <i>Killed people. </i> <i>It's nice to have kind of</i> <i>Different like,</i> <i>Topics.</i> And this is all the rape, Rape list. <i>This is the rape list?</i> Rape list. But you can't tell that to anybody Because of- [incomprehensible] <i>So, we went from- </i> <i>This is the list of rape Victims.</i> <i>FIve years old? </i> <i>Raped a five- </i> <i>I guess we can go to the Names.</i> SEB: Can we? See there. At first you see Women bodies estimate SEB: So this list is- SEB: What is this? The rape case list. SEB: This is just the cases of rape? Yeah. All's are rape body,rape girls. SEB: This entire file? SEB: And this is the ages? Yeah all the ages. SEB: Twelve? Here, eight. SEB: Fifteen? SEB: Eleven? SEB: You've spoken to these people? Yeah you've seen the video usually. SEB: All of these people you've SEB: Spoken to? Yeah, we find out these people. We collect and we went to the- The security council came. We all came. To discuss, to save them. SEB: They are all in the camp? All in the camp. SEB: How many in total? SEB: How many overall? The number? SEB: On this list? 450. SEB: Over 400 people? SEB: Just on this one list? SEB: You're sure about these ages? SEB: Five? Yeah. This one's a five. SEB: Eight? Yeah, eight. They does to driving out. Making everything. Not to stay. If somebody stay,shoot. If somebody run, not shoot at all. If somebody hiding at house, Shoot him out. Because of not going out. SEB: We're talking about rape. Also if some families In their house Hiding, Not to go out, Not to run in, And go to the house, And making everything. Even aged, Even young, Even small, They not select. Just they torture in to go out. To run away to the Bangladesh. They're planning. They're working to- It's a planning. Systematically working. SEB: So how do you know, SEB: This enlisted names, SEB: How do you know the names, From there? The victims say the names. SEB: They knew them? They knew them. For example, You live in this village, You live in this village, The military come,you see. So, You hide in one place. Even under on a tree. Big tree. The military come and rape his house His son, his wife, His daughter, His mother, everybody. But you seeing from the tree. SEB: So,people were able to witness That. SEB: And they survived. Yeah witness. You can see, the witness, In this place. SEB: Do you have a video? We sent ICC some document. You see the witness, date, name. SEB: So this is- SEB: These army officers, Yes all the officers. This are all the officers. SEB: This is battalion. Yeah you see. SEB: It's pretty amazing SEB: The level of detail they got SEB: With this less they got. SEB: Names of people, SEB: Units they were in. SEB: This is, SEB: This is the name of the Witness? SEB: These are all.. Mohammad Rafique. SEB: ..pretty specific. Mohammad rafique, Shajad E Hamidullah, SEB: Perpetrator? [Incomprehensible] SEB: He's a soldier? SEB: He's police? SEB: He's BGB? SEB: What's BGB? SEB: That's the border guard. Major, captain. SEB: Major? SEB: He's an officer? Zone- 90. We have enough evidence. Already sent through the Bangladesh. To the ICC. I trust the ICC put announce, At that we shared. 10 women from the rape case, Already announced their names. Rashida, Hamida. First name, ten name. So, for this ten, Also they, Women, Live here, With witness is together, She can say, The name of Perpetrators. SEB: Isn't that- SEB: Their words against their? SEB: I mean, SEB: How's the court going to find SEB: Someone guilty with just one Testimony? SEB: In this way? SEB: It's gonna be difficult, no? Nobody can not. So many people collecting data, Nobody can not pay this one. Nobody can not find this one. Because in our society, Our group, Members from every came, Members from available state, Members from educated, Members from women. SEB: I mean in a court. SEB: If you don't have photographs SEB: If you don't have videos or SEB: Some kind of evidence, SEB: Then it's gonna be hard to SEB: Make a conviction. SEB: No? SEB: You don't think it's gonna be Difficult? SEB: It's just somebody's testimony? What is it? I didn't get that. SEB: I'm saying that, SEB: When you get to the legal court SEB: Don't you think SEB: It's gonna be difficult SEB: To make full evidenece SEB: Against somebody with just SEB: A testimony of one person? SEB: If you don't have videos or SEB: Photographs, SEB: It's gonna be difficult for SEB: Them to find then. If I can say their name, If i can say their rank, If I can say their structure, SEB: If you can ID them? Yeah, ID them, This type of time is not possible To video, everybody will know this. SEB: Sure. SEB: Cause that will be difficult SEB: To make a legal case. SEB: So you're saying they can SEB: Identify the perpetrators ? SEB: This is pretty specific SEB: Information that they have on- We sent the government this kind of 180 sheet. This 12 members. SEB: Of perpetrators? Perpetrators and this kind of victim Perpetrators,eye witness everything This form. SEB: WHich government? Indian or- Bangladesh. Because we are going to the court. SEB:It's pretty detailed information SEB: That they have on SEB: The alleged perpetrators SEB: Of each incident they've got. SEB: Names, SEB: Ranks, SEB: They've got which unit SEB: They are from. SEB: So SEB: There's a lot of detailed SEB: Information in here. SEB: We will need to blur both of These names. SEB: It will just be the age. SEB: That's for the rape. SEB: This is the perpetrators list. SEB: Do you need the phone too? SEB: Can you hold that for me? SEB: So, this is the- SEB: That's their rank? Yeah rank of the perpetrator. SEB: And this? Battalion number. 99 that- SEB: So this is testimony. Yeah testimony. SEB: And this is the perpetrators, Here? Perpetrators here. Also you go another page, You go another page, It will be more. SEB: That's soldier? That soldier. SEB: Police, BGB? BGB. SEB: It will be both columns, right? SEB: So you can only start with SEB: The age column, I think. SEB: Can we show this? SEB: Like that? With the age? SEB: The age is okay right? SEB: Just not the names. SEB: Do you want me to flick? SEB: This is basically your SEB: This is the ARSPH official- SEB: What is the name of the SEB: Radical Buddhists? SEB: This is the local- No,did they. BGB plus new. Because of we cannot put their names In this calling a lot. They say just meant the battalion. Who, who. And then we specify This- This a dimension to this. SEB: And you got all the videos SEB: On the computer. SEB: So, this is basically the- SEB: And when, so you've, SEB: Managed to compile like entire SEB: List of the names of the SEB: Perpetrators? SEB: This one? SEB: And that's all basically SEB: Local, they were based on the SEB: Area, from the area? SEB: And the maps that you showed us SEB: They were from the same, SEB: It's all from Rakhain? SEB: How do you, SEB: If you were making a case SEB: With the ICC, SEB: Would you go to present the SEB: Evidence? SEB: Would you go yourself? If i can not go, Our big teams, Big teams will send directly. She or he will be submit. Because of they don't care us They don't remark us, That's why they do their as wish. Not decide, Not protect,nothing. Because they think is, The wall can not do them. Nothing, the wall nothing to do Them. So they are very brave, No need to hide, They think they no need to hide. Nobody will come to appear. Nobody will take action to them. They think they lay the decision, But they make roughly. You see, There's a, in the house, Father, brother, mother, sister Everything. And all the men tie, And in front of them, raping. SEB: In front of them? Yeah in front of them. I'm a father. In front of me, Rape they my daughter. They can tie me like this. The has like this. True men can not do llike this. They use the law, Way of animals. On us. In one mat, Mother and sister. Mother and daughter. Rape one place together. Same mat. Like this. One body raping the mother, One body raping the daughter. How ill patient. You see. SEB: That's something you've heard? SEB: From people here? Also, when you talk with this Rape woman, They will say. How many woman rape Within one time In his house. May be she will say, my mother, Me and one of my sister. She will say. Three, two, one. SEB: It's all on the computer SEB: Basically. SEB: You were present in some of SEB: These videos, and the SEB: Testimony also? Present, present. Not for everybody because it was Very confidential. Just for Fact- finding commission And ICC put, that's all. This video and list never mention To everybody. Just two place. Because of to take action. Lawyer, Fact- Finding commission has some Lawyer, mention some lawyer. Not everywhere. Otherwise they could be blame. SEB: Yeah, of course, yeah. Because of now they believe me, That's why they provide the believe. If i use wrong way, They will blame. SEB: So,then he was gonna- SEB: Does he have any video

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