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♪ music playing ♪ >>Will: The safest location to drop off the rider is going to be on the correct side of the street of the rider's destination address in a parking spot, right in front. But this isn't always possible. So you need to choose a safe and professional way to drop off your rider. Drop-offs are very similar to pick-ups in terms of what you need to consider. First of course, is the address. If you know which side of the street the address is on, plan to end on the correct side of the street. This is especially important in bigger cities, or at least on busier streets and roads. Asking our riders to cross multiple lanes of traffic is neither safe nor providing the rider with a great experience. The next thing to plan for is the environment itself. Is there parking or a drop-off area? Are there a lot of pedestrians or people on bicycles? Are there other cars in the way? Is there enough room for the rider to open the door if you do stop at their destination? It is really important to drive ahead and think about these things as you approach the destination. Drive ahead doesn't just mean looking at the car in front of you, but looking down the road and analyzing the situation. Destination and drop-off location can be different things depending on the environment, and more importantly, how you communicate with your rider. If you just stop the car at the destination, and say bye to the rider, or worse, nothing at all, you haven't considered the rider's perspective, and you won't get a tip. You need to think about if the rider will feel safe getting out of the car. On the other hand, if you communicate professionally with the rider by letting them know that there's no safe drop-off right at their destination, the two of you can problem-solve together. Maybe let them out at the corner or down the block. If you're driving ahead, you can scope these locations out before you get there. That will allow you to offer options to the rider, impressing them that you are considerate of their situation. When you've found a safe place to let the rider out, remember to let them know when it's okay to open the door, too. You don't want the rider to swing the door open into a person on a bicycle. Not only is communicating a part of the above and beyond experience, it's also a significant portion of the rider's last impression of you. The final part of course is the goodbye. Just like when you want to sincerely greet the rider at the beginning of the trip, at the end you want to sincerely express your gratitude for the opportunity to drive them. Thank you so much for riding with me, it was a pleasure. Since most riders will be tipping via the app, and not cash, it is especially important to leave them with a positive impression. So that's what they will be thinking about when they are prompted to tip in the app later. Choose a friendly goodbye, and choose hello to a tip. ♪ music playing ♪

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