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Secret Identity

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Hi, I'm Midshipman Fourth Class Robert Milburn I'm originally from the Republic of Korea, but I'm adopted. So my hometown is really the town of Mount Airy; here in the great state of Maryland. I went to Linganore High School which is here in Frederick County, Maryland And I took part in the Navy Junior Reserve Officers Training Corps Throughout time, I rose through the ranks, became the commanding officer, and took part in multiple teams including: the Orienteering Team, the Drill Team, and the Rifle Team. Also in high school, I was a musician; I was a guitarist in the Jazz Ensemble. And that kind of goes along with some of my hobbies. First, of course, is playing the guitar. And, like any other teenager, video games. When I started looking at The Ohio State University... You always hear about the athletics. And from my friends that were in band... You here about The Best Damn Band in the Land. So I decided to come up here, I took a tour... and everything just sort of felt like home. I'm going in as a Civil Engineering Major. As a little kid I loved building. I had Lego sets and Erector sets and I just loved to build things. I high school I took Project Lead The Way classes... and I just started liking the idea of: Building things to build a better future. My career plan is to get a degree... and as a member of the Naval Reserve Officers Training Corps, I will get my commission. Once I commission into the United States Navy, I will serve my time as a Surface Warfare Officer. And then I will request transfer to the Navy Civil Engineer Corps. As part of that, I will work with Seabees to build up infrastructure around the world. That's pretty much me in a nutshell. So, I'll see you all later. Go Bucks!

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Secret Identity

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