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First of all, can I ask you have you been surprised by the success of “Borgen”? Absolutely, I’m still not really and comes to times with there, because, and it was even rescue for Denmark when we did it we were X to expect a small audience and the killing in the other series are very popular in Denmark because it’s political, it’s a bit, you know maybe for the chosen few and when started travelling, I just, I can believe in. What you think is been show to success in Australia which after all is so far away from Denmark? Oh God, I’m the last one chance because I have no idea, I mean I hope hope is because is a good show, and I think it’s hard to see the must piece exotic about it, but we should use to that, so I can see it, I mean those something about, you know, putting that a female political leader, that is sour of new. Now I don’t know, but I’m just really happy. People often mistake you co-star for a real live spin-doctor. Does anybody mistake you for the re-wife Prime Minister? Well, not mistake, but I remember that was recently a lot of demonstrations in Denmark about something welfare issue, and when I work out, you know people say “that would not happen if you were the Prime Minister! And could you do something about it?” I think I did also hear someone talking about the Prime Minister saying something on the news the other day and I don’t know, I’m sorry that what you saying that wasn’t it, you know that all of confused a little bit, but I do feel that like when I went to France, I was really received I say, yeah, state minister which was very nice.

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