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Seunghwan Seo - Seoul, Korea - Korean (Global Lives Project, 2013) 22:30:00 - 22:59:59

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Keep up the hard work. Hello? Hello? Ah I got scammed. They asked for 70,000 won but apparently it's not worth 70,000 won. Even the ones stuck together are around 10,000 won or 15,000 won. I had to get 4 of the 15,000 won ones and they scammed me saying it's 70,000 won when it's not 70,000 won. And... the customer was very smart. He said it's supposed to be in some packaging but it's not even there and all. So he only bought 2 of the medicine. Yeah... It was 70,000 won in total. But the customer said that it's not possible and checked each one and told me how each one should cost. So yeah I need to get the leftovers refunded. Of course. With the receipt... I asked for the receipt. Yeah. I know. This is such a scam. Ok I have a call now and after I do this I think the store will be closed by then so I guess I'll get the refund tomorrow. Oh and I subtracted 1,000 won for the customer. Nah 1,000 won is enough... I mean.... It's not my fault... Yeah it's fine... but I just said I'd subtract 1,000 won and I did. Huh? Not the pharmacy. The amount I payed at the pharmacy is -- He only bought... It was 4 in total but he only bought the 2 with the price tag on them. Yeah... He only bought the 10,000 won 15,000 won ones so 25,000 won. So I have the other ones worth 45,000 won. But I don't think these 2 normally cost 45,000 won. So I'm gonna get a refund. Yeah. That's the call I'm doing right now. The pharmacy is... Uh... The Happy Pharmacy. Or the Orange Pharmacy? The one we go to. Orange Pharmacy? Yeah. They would definitely do that for us. Yeah. Let's go. 15th floor. Going up? No, going down. 18th floor. Hi. This is it, right? Yeah. Hello. No, I'm at the customer's house in unit 1910. I got the prescription but the elevator isn't coming. The elevator. The elevator isn't coming. Ah are you on the way out? Ah no I can't go outside at the moment. Because the elevator isn't coming. Huh? Yeah... I'm going to the place we always go - Orange Pharmacy. Yes. Yes. 14th floor. Excuse me, do you happen to have a lighter? Could I borrow your lighter? Thank you. Do you know how to ride number 9500? 9500 the red bus. Yeah. Yeah, red. It's probably over there. In the middle. The middle? Yeah, most likely. I'm trying to ride in the Eecheon direction. Ah if you're trying to go in the Eecheon direction you need to ride it across the street. Across the street? Yeah, not that way. This way is Eecheon. That way is for Yeongdeungpo and Noryangjin so you have to go there. Across the street? Yes yes yes... goodbye. Yes, hello. Why isn't the Orange Pharmacy available? Oh, because the pharmacist isn't there right now? Ah but... Ok. Excuse me, can I go in? Ah I can't? Yes.. yes... I thought we could (film inside). The prescription... Prescription... Sorry. Ah I don't know... Yes. Ah ah yes. It's OK. Wait a second, Director Song's son? I'll talk to the customer. Yes. Ah... Yes. Yes. Hello, this is Anyman. I'm at the pharmacy right now. And you have 2 prescriptions, right? They said they'll do the 1 week one in packets. But the 28-days one might be too large and all so they're asking if it's OK for them to but it in a container. What do you prefer? Hello? Hello? Hello? I'll call again. Yeah. I think it got disconnected. Yeah. One is for 28 days. Yes. If you get those in packets, it's going to be a lot. He said it might be better to put them in a container and you can just take out 2 pills at a time... Yes, that would be better, right? Ok. Wait. Does that have the antibiotics and the stomach protection medicine? Ah this... Ah in the packets? Ah yes yes... That.... Ah yes... He wants this in the container. Yes. Ah that... He'll put it in packets so you can take them one at a time. In something like paper? Vinyl... Yes, we'll do it that way. And only the 28-day medicine will be in the container. Hello? I'll call again. Why is this getting disconnected so often? Sorry, it's keep on getting disconnected. Yes. The stomach medication in the packets and only the 28 day medicine in the container. Ah... no no... The 28 day medicine will be too large in individual packets. The volume. That's in packets. Ah yes. Wait a second... Excuse me Yes, we'll do it that way. He asked to put the stomach medication in the container too. Yes yes. Yes, we'll do it like that. Yes. Yes. Yes yes. Wait. Can I get the prescription back? I'll ask. Excuse me, can I get the prescription back? I can't get it back? Yes. He said no. Yes please wait a second. Excuse me, can you take take this call? Where did he go? Where is he? Ah ah wait. Ah Director, please don't call me right now. It keeps disconnecting. I don't know if there's something wrong with my phone. But I keep getting disconnected while talking to the customer. No I was there. You saw me earlier. Yes. Yes. No. I need to take this to the customer. What... What are you saying? Why would I buy coffee? Ah, coffee? Wait. Ugh I'm getting so many phone calls. Isn't it delivering the phone and charger instead of the coffee? Yes. No no no. Instead of doing it like that, it's better to do it after I finish all this. It's not a matter of doing it politely. It's been a while since I was sent to do this. And this customer is a regular. The pharmacy. Hello? Wait. Let me check the address. We're going to leave the car anyway. Then Ah yes. Time... That's Gangnam so it's going to take a while. It takes a while to go to Shinsa and then go to Gangnam. No it's not like that. It's faster if you go to Shinsa and take the wider road. Yes. Ok then. Yes. This. Yes. This is because the customer is trying to travel but this is a lot of medicine. He wants a copy of the prescription in case it causes any trouble. To prove that it's this but he got it in the container instead of in packets. Do you get what I'm saying? Since there's so much medicine. The volume. Yes hello. Ah ah sorry. I think my phone is weird because I dropped it a lot. Yes I told him. He's going to copy it for you. Yes thank you. Ah yes. Ah They're filming over there... Ah yes. I'll tell them. Ugh. The prescription says for 28 days. That... And on top of that he's telling us not to film inside. But they're filming inside because of me. Even though he said not to. You get what I'm saying right? He said don't film so they're standing outside but they're still filming inside from there. Inside... Yeah he said don't film inside. Yes.

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Duration: 30 minutes and 1 second
Country: South Korea
Language: Korean
Producer: Sam Queen
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Posted by: globallives on Nov 6, 2013

Seunghwan leaves the client's apartment building. He rides through the bustling, brightly-lit streets of Gangnam at night. He then picks up a prescription from a client in her apartment and rides to a pharmacy.

This is part of a 24-hour recording of a day in the life of Seunghwan Seo.

This video was produced by Sam Queen, Rachel Gist, Jee Young Lee, Michael Stulberg, Marisol Park, Nayoung Jung, Joel Elliott, and Cole Quinlan.

This video is part of the Global Lives Project, a video library of life experience.

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